Monday, June 18, 2012

LEGO's For Adults

Organizing all the crap you have can be a BIG pain.  A lot of SM's office stuff is in those cardboard "banker boxes" that are sturdy and cheap enough but fugley as all get out to look at and flimsy as they get old.

I'm personally depressed when I see stacks of boxes and crap laying everywhere.  So, in an attempt to help SM become better organized, we've invested in some good IKEA shelving.

This stuff is modestly priced and easily put together.  Just a few tools like a flat head screwdriver and a rubber mallet are necessary.

So I dragged SM to the IKEA factory in Charlotte on Saturday mid-day after I'd gotten home from post-ops at work. 

SM really wasn't in the mood to deal with the deCRAPfication of these rooms but he got more invested in the project as we wound our way through the shelving area and started making decisions on color and shelving type.  I would put my two cents in here and there but allowed SM to choose everything what he wanted.  It's his space after all.

Shockingly, we were in and out of there within two hours.  After unloading everything at home, I left SM alone for the rest of the day figuring I was pushing my luck.

Sunday arrives and we're both determined to get these things put together and see if we can't make a dent in the mess.

IKEA instructions are so easy to understand and while you DO need two people to build these things, it comes together pretty fast.

We got started about 10 am and worked up all the shelving in the "blue" room first.  (SM decided to leave his office where it was in the "red - Ohio State" room.)  After a few snippy comments and a few pinched fingers, we found our mojo.  Once one unit was complete the rest of them came together much quicker.

Once all those shelves we done, we shifted the mountain of crap that had been stored in SM's office over to the center of the blue room (to be dealt with later) and started working on the shelving for SM's office.  We put together a total of 7 shelving units.  The day flew by but we were shocked to see that it was already 4:00! 

"You going golfing?"  I asked SM.  It was Fathers Day after all.

"Nope.  Too tired."  SM said.

We stood back admiring our handy work.  It looks really nice and I'm excited to think about all the various crap finding a proper home at last.  We're far from finished but we're getting closer everyday!


  1. I guess I'm fortunate that dear hubby is a bigger neatness freak than even me. Our problem is a house that doesn't have much room for storage.
    Love the units you got-now comes the real work.
    Have a great week, Tami!

  2. That IKEA is a great store and I've been trying to keep The Wife away from it but I see a trip soon enough.

  3. WVhiker is so correct...we are definitely making a trip to IKEA after seeing those shelving units...

  4. Here's to getting organized. Hope you have good luck with that. The shelves look great!

    @ 3Beeze Homestead

  5. Love the shelving! Enjoy your newly organized spaces. You'll be so glad you did it!