Saturday, June 9, 2012

Love The One You're With

"Thank You" to all of you who offered up suggestions on battling the SVB's.  When it comes right down to it though, I wondered why I was putting up such a fight.

SM said as much to me.  "Why does it bother you so much to loose a squash plant?  They're cheap enough to buy."

He's right.  This time of the year everybody's got squash.  They're even giving it away for free!

I pulled all the infected plants the other day as you could tell they were about to cash it in.  But I still have 3 healthy plants in another part of the garden.  They will give me plenty of squash still. 

So what's my problem?  I think I'm too much of a control freak and if there's one thing I've got to learn to do with the garden is roll with the punches.  Some years you'll hit, others you'll miss.  (I think it just pisses me off that a worm can do so much damage.)  But I've decided to shrug it off.  If I can't grow squash or pumpkins, I can buy them locally at least.  (I'll still plant the butternut as ya'll suggested.)

So my new motto is...

If you can't be with the one you love...Love the one you're with.

I went ahead and planted the squash patch full of BC Hales Best 45 Musk Melons.  Lets see how these babies do instead.  I tried a few melons last year but they were in the shaded part of the garden and they didn't like that very much.  So we'll see how they like being in the raised beds and in full sun.

My green beans are going banana's this year.  Last year the jap beetles were all over them. I managed fresh eating but none for canning.  This year nothing but healthy green leaves and flowers everywhere.  Should be a bumper year for the beans.  Fingers are crossed

My green peppers did pretty good last year.  This year, they suck.  Still no bigger than when I transplanted them a month ago.

The strawberry starts are settling in, I haven't lost one yet and the onions are gorgeous.

The cuc's and luffa's are vining and even the tomatoes are starting to set fruit but they're still small.  The tallest is only knee high and I noticed a few of the fruit had BLR.  We've been wet enough.  Time to break out the Epsom salt.

Everything is growing slow in this cool, wet cycle we're in.  SM says we're having an Ohio Summer.  Really!  We're still sleeping with the windows open.  It's in the 50's at night and 80's in the daytime.  Unheard of around here.  We're usually fighting off 100 degree temps by now.

I feel like we're about a month behind now, everything's so small. 

Patience Tami...Patience!


  1. There's good years and bad years for all things. Guess it's time to enjoy the beans!
    Have a great weekend, Tami!

  2. Your beans and onions are gorgeous! I could only wish for mine to be this good.

  3. I didn't get one bean this year. Enjoy your harvest!
    Your squash bed looks marvelous.

    Love the new lily header!

  4. Patience is tough. But I am with you. We are so behind on growth right now due to the cool weather. We haven't seen 80's in about a month and when we did it was a fluke. Now it should be 80's and we are having 60's. Really needing that warm air!!! There are only so many warm months around here!!! Not feeling the patience.

    @ 3Beeze Homestead