Friday, June 1, 2012

My Back Stoop

I was heading into the house the other day when I glanced down and saw all the crap I had on my back stoop.

Shoes for every occasion.  Water pan for the dogs.  A broom. An old towel on the mat for the dogs to step on.  (Helps with muddy paw prints.)

2 baskets. 

1 empty for produce hauling.  The other with necessary do-dads that might be needed out and about the backyard.  Scissors, red duck tape (?), paint can lid opener, ball cap, newspapers for weed suppression, clippers and work gloves.

A strawberry bucket filled with yard staples and fencing staples and a hammer. 

Landscape fabric in a roll in the corner.  My pepper re-starts and some petunias I picked up a Walmart that need planting.

Signs of the season, I guess.  I could clean it all up but why bother?  It'll all just migrate back there again anyway.  It's practically a scavenger hunt.  (*You know...that might be a neat idea.  A blog scavenger hunt.  Come up with weird and unusual items and see who's got them.)

So what's on your back stoop?


  1. Whatever RMan can't be bothered to put away - so the pile grows daily, until I sigh and start to address the mess LOL Why can't men ever put back what they take out? They know each time where to find it again!

  2. What's on our "back stoop?" Waaaay to messy and embarrassing to photograph, that's for sure.

    Our someday-to-be greenhouse is the area we go through to get to the garden and, sad to say, it's become a covered catch-all for a lot of clutter.

    A blog scavenger hunt? Sounds like fun!!

  3. Hate to be a party-pooper, but nothin'. We only have a concrete slab outside of the patio.

    What ARE those gorgeous flowers in your new header? I want some!!!

  4. Hollyhocks. Great hot weather plant. You can't kill it but can be invasive so plant with care.