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Friday, June 29, 2012

Par Boil

Seems like most of the US are looking down the barrel of a gun.  A very HOT gun.  105 today?  Geez Louise!!!!!!  And it's not much better after that.  We're forecast to be over 100 for about 5 days in a row!

US: Weather Day 3

I've been been watching the forecast for the past few days.  Sometimes a bit of knowledge is a good thing.  But when it gets THIS HOT, there ain't much you can do about it but run from AC to AC, toss some water on the garden and hope for the best. 

I've spent the past few days aggressively picking anything that might get whalloped by the heat.  Any green beans and cuc's that were hanging on the plants are all in. 

A lot of the onions were still pretty perky but I decided to pull them rather than see them turn into french onion soup.  I put them in the garage after they spent Tuesday out on the fence line on a gorgeous Summer day.  82 for a high this past Tuesday.  (sigh)  So long...Farewell!

The SVB's are doing a number on another squash plant.  It's half dead now and the heat will kill it for sure.  That's OK.  I've had my fill for now.   (To bad the heat won't kill the friggin SVB's....)

The tomato plants are so short and stubby this year (only waist high) and while they DO have some fruit on them, I'm thinking we're not going to see much MORE fruit set until fall if this heat keeps up.  I planted all the tomatoes in the newly double-dug area and while I did fertilize them it's obvious to me that the soil just isn't giving what these "heavy feeders" need.  So some tomatoes are better than no tomatoes but I don't think I'll have all that much to put up for the winter.


I'll do my best to keep the strawberries hanging in there.  These raised beds are so much warmer than being in ground but the plants seem to be hanging in there so I'll keep my finger crossed that they can survive the heat wave.

How about you?  What plans have you made for the HOT days ahead?


  1. We're not nearly as hot as your weather, but mid 90's with no AC means working outside in the mornings only and taking Siesta in the afternoon. I don't know how people in the south do it. Hope you get some relief!

  2. It's going to be 100 here this Sat and Sun, just a tad bit warm for me however a few days of this is much better than the freezing winters others have to live with.
    Your onions and garden look great this year!

  3. I think I mentioned in my blog post yesterday that we hit the mid-80s yesterday. Well, it obviously was hotter than that because around 7 p.m. our thermometer on the north side of the house in the shade registered 85. Hrumpf. My usually even-tempered hubby was a tad on the grumpy side yesterday and he blamed it all on the hot weather to which we are NOT acclimated! Looks like another hot one for the next several days even up here near the trundra.

  4. I'm looking at the same temps so it will be morning work for sure.

  5. My plan is to whine a lot. LOL

    We're in the same temps as you and there is just no relief. If only we'd get some rain.

    There's nothing here to harvest yet. The tomatoes have stopped setting fruit. :-(

    So, besides whining, I'll just keep dashing out in the wee early hours, water what I can, then scurry back to the house.

    Glad you are saving some harvest!

  6. 101 here yesterday and 99 today with big winds and more of the same for the next week. Many wild fires burning here in Utah with over 50 homes destroyed. I think I'll spend some time at a swimming pool.

  7. The concern now is keeping the garden alive in the blazing heat! I have to say, in spite of how it's doing, yours still looks pretty good.

  8. I'm still tryin' to figure out how it can be hotter there than here!
    Love the new header with the onions.

  9. We are neighbors and I completely understand the heat issue. We are in Tennessee and had a few days of 106 degrees. Pretty hot! Some of my blueberry bushes ended up with burnt leaves and my hanging strawberries ended up taking a nose dive but the rest of the garden seems to be hanging in there. We set up a couple sprinkler poles a few weeks back and we watered a lot during the heat.

    I stumbled upon your blog via Simple Garden Made Easy and have enjoyed reading your posts. I too have a gardening blog sharing our journey to growing produce on our property in a subdivision that has rules and regs. We love the garden and enjoy meeting other gardeners.

    Love your blog!


  10. Welcome Grow it at Home...Thanks for stopping by! Nice Blog BTW