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Monday, July 16, 2012

God Bless Scrubby Sponges

I can handle the heat.  Red faced and sweaty...Well, that's Summer.

I can handle the bugs.  Avoid em if I can...Long sleeves and pants if I can't.

I can handle the dirt too.  I used to hate the feel of dirt on my hands when I was a kid.  Now, I inspect it every chance I get looking for signs of healthy soil.

But put all three of these together and I turn into a full fledged wimp

Yesterday morning, when I pulled the bean plants up, I was clothed head to toe, sweating bullets and of course covered in dirt and plant matter.   80 degrees, 95 percent humidity, bugs everywhere...and I was really questioning why I even bother with gardening.  YUCK!!!!! 

Then I felt a tickle...then an itch (uh oh)...and then my bug paranoia hit full force and I raced in to shuck my clothes and jump in the shower to get whatever was chewing on me off.

I then went back outside to toss some fertilizer on the soil, rake it in and plant the squash and pumpkin seeds.

While all this frenzy of activity was going on, SM was sitting on the back porch swing, sleepy faced with a cup of coffee in his hands, eyeballing me.  "Why did you take a shower if you're not done?"  He asks, safe from the nasties in the garden.

"I thought something was chewing on me.  I had to wash it off but I also need to get these seeds planted."  I said, zipping by again.

By this time I feel super gunky.  You know the feeling don't you?  It feels like you're coated with 3 inches of sweaty, greasy filth.  Your skin feels like it'll never feel clean again.

That's when washcloths just don't do.  There's something about a bath sponge scrubbed hard over all that itchy, caked on crap that really makes a girl feel human again.  Thank God for scrubby bath sponges!

And St Ives Apricot Scrub!  I've used this stuff for years! 

My skin can breathe now!  Yeah me!

So confess...How filthy can you stand to be before you snap? 


  1. I confess it doesn't take long for me to want to go take a shower and get the sweat offa me. Sometimes I ignore it, like when I'm mowing, and other times, I just can't stand it!

  2. Dirt really doesn't bother me. I don't sweat much, so maybe that's why.
    Did you know you can grow your own loofas? I think I have some seeds if you want to give it a go.

    Can't tell you how much I enjoy the new header with the hangin' onions and the pooches peekin' through.

  3. I get TOTALLY gross--we come in late afternoons for showers. Its REALLY bad. I'm ashamed....

    I love the way you hang your onions. It's pretty that way too...

  4. I reached critical mass of filthiness yesterday morning around 11:30 when I absolutely HAD to get in the shower before I did another single thing. Our temp was in the 80s somewhere (who cares when it gets that hot) with about 90% humidity. I, seriously, have never had so much sweat running down my body. (But that's good for you, right? Means you're expelling toxins from your body. Whew-ee, was I EVER expelling toxins.) I had been mulching the garden (to try to preserve any moisture we might be lucky enough to get) and there was a breeze blowing that did not cool, but rather smacked the humidity up against your body. I came in plastered with specks of dirt, mulch, sweat and who-knows-what else. And that's why I was in the shower at 11:30 A.M. (Good thing we're tough gardening gals, right?)

  5. I sweat like nobody's business and with the temperatures and humidity we've been getting lately, there's no shortage of water dripping off me. I just trudge through it until I get everything done then hit the showers. Sad part is it is hard to get the shower cool enough to actually feel good. Nothing like getting out of the shower and start sweating again.

  6. Suggestion here for everyone-put in an outdoor shower.You don't track in dirt and if you get too hot you can jump in real quick. We have always had an outdoor shower,just like camp!
    Add a towel bar and soap.

  7. What a great idea! I never thought of that. Sometimes a washcloth just won't do it. This weather is just about enough to turn anyone crazy...and if something's chewing on you, well, a gal has to do what a gal has to do. :)

  8. LOL - I'm a total gardening newbie and I thought it was just me! Living in the suburbs, an outdoor shower isn't going to work (ha ha!) but a scrubby sponge is definitely in order!

  9. Hey yeah living in the burbs would be hard but you can still put an outdoor shower with a stall door as long as your neighbor doesn't have a second floor on their house LOL!!!!

  10. Daisy,

    Maybe YOU can grow your own loofahs. I can only seem to grow food for some kind of insect/animal. Something is eating all the leaves off my loofah, but it isn't a clean bite like a rabbit or dear.