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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th Of July

SM, his twin sisters and his niece and I will all be heading over to our local 4th of July parade at 8am this morning. 

Since his sisters and niece have never been, we're planning on heading over early with our folding chairs to sit in the morning sun and get front row seats for this shin-dig.  (SM and I usually sit farther away, across the street in the shade under a tree.)

It's funny how there's not many parades anymore.  This one is kinda hokey with 18 billion "Little Miss Whatever's" sitting on top of cars doing the princess wave along with the local "Vote For Me" politicians, but Hey, that's what America is all about.  

 I do love to see the military groups, the HS bands, the farm tractors, fire engines and horses...Heck, we usually get a military flyover of some kind which is really cool.  The past few years it's been a low flying bomber, but one year we had BlackHawks and another year we had jets.  (The BlackHawks were amazing.)

Anyhoo...We plan on a lunchtime grill of burgers and chicken.  I woke up at 3 am and figured it was the perfect time to cook while the house was cool. 

I  made "Miss Susan's Pig Pickin Cake".  (A nice cold cake for a hot day.) 

I also made my Dad's cold macaroni salad.  Hard-boiled eggs, celery, mustard, and Miracle Whip.  Dad always added canned tuna fish to his salad.  SM likes that, so I tossed that in too.

We've got fresh tomatoes and cuc's and SM bought a few ears of corn.  The girls at work were also telling me about grilling onions.  Seems like I'm the last person to hear about this but you take an onion, core it, stuff a beef bullion cube in it and back fill it with butter.  Wrap it in heavy foil and put it on the grill. 

I guess it's wonderful.  Who knew?  I'll be trying that today too.  And then an afternoon nap, I'm sure.  It's supposed to be 99 today. (YUCK.)

If SM can get me in the car tonight we'll go see some local fireworks.

Happy 4th everybody!!!


  1. Mmmm, all of your "cold" food sounds wonderful to me. You were big and brave to bake a cake (even in the wee hours of the morning). I haven't turned my oven on in . . . I don't know when was the last time I turned it on!