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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

It's A Beast!

The only thing I ever use a microwave for is for reheating food.  Maybe a fresh corn on the cob, but mostly for fast reheating of whatever SM wants for a meal.

The microwave in our house was slowly fritzing out.  It had to be 20 years old at least.  Last week the handle came loose and SM started looking to replace it.  For some reason he thinks that I care about these sorts of things...but I really don't.  If it works and it's a good price then lets do it. 

So he went shopping and found a replacement this weekend and we installed the new microwave yesterday.

I was the brains, SM the brawn.  As usual.

Ginny could care less.

And it's in.

It's HUGE!!!!  SM assured me that all the microwaves were the same size at the store.  When did this happen?

"A turkey could fit in that thing!"  I said, astonished.

"Some people just might cook whole meals in there."  SM agreed.

I just shook my head and wandered away.  SM heated up some frozen leftover enchiladas that I'd stuck in the fridge a few months ago and reports that the sucker works great.

It's weird.  I know I'll always cook in a traditional manner and SM uses the microwave daily (only to reheat things) but is it possible that there is a whole world of cooking going on out there using only a microwave that I don't know about? 

How do you use yours?  I know that there's a lot of controversy out there over microwaves, but I've used them my whole life.  Can't really imagine not having one, it's so convenient.


  1. I use mine to melt butter. That's it.
    Hubby uses it to reheat leftover pizza--I don't think it's even good for that--makes the crust all soggy.

  2. Yeah, I am with you Tami... I do not know how to "cook" in a microwave. When I was growing up, my parents consistently cooked dinners in the microwave - rice, veggies, pasta, and even chicken. It was a boring and gross childhood. Needless to say that when I learned how to REALLY cook, my microwave was used to reheat homemade soups and stuff from my freezer. I feel bad for people who live like I did growing up...

  3. I'm a micro-reheater. We had the same thing happen here; first the handle broke off, then after about a year of using the blue electrical wire handle, the microwave started making horrible noises and we took it out (it was one of those huge over-the-stove units). Now we just have a small counter top microwave and it's more than enough.

    I remember the first microwave we had in Dad's house, it was the size of a conventional oven!! And I think he tried cooking EVERYTHING it in....at least once. But eventually it became the re-heater and not cooker. Thank goodness.

  4. The cabinet is beautiful,I like the color.My favorite thing to cook in a microwave is potatoes when we have steaks.Much faster than putting them in the oven and we get those bog baking potatoes for that.Wash,put a couple of small holes in them and depends on size(15 min) and done.

  5. I'm a reheater for most things, but I cook corn on the cob, baked potatoes and steamed vegetables. I have a few recipes I actually like cooked in the microwave, but most of them were in those Zip 'n Steam bags that seem to have disappeared from the grocer's shelves. One thing I do love it for is drying parsley. Toaster ovens are great for reheating pizza. Just put the slices on the rack and set it to the darkest toast setting. It comes out crisp and better than fresh!

  6. I never use my microwave for cooking. I only use it for defrosting and on occasion to reheat something. I could really live without one.

    I took my big monster over the stove microwave out and put a hood there. I just hated that thing over the stove. It got in my way. Now we have a little one.

  7. Just this weekend I realized it is possible to only use the microwave. We visited my 93 year old grandmother who is in great shape for her age. She lives alone at home and manages quite well. At times she is forgetful (she is 93 after all) so she refuses to use the stove/oven. She is worried she might set the house on fire. She only uses the microwave because if she wanders off and forgets she was cooking something it stops automatically!

  8. Reheating coffee for me. The wife uses it for steamed veggies. Oh, I do cook hot dogs in there when I get the chance.

  9. I just use it for a quick "reheat", but the boys will cook pizzas and such in them. I personally could do without it.

  10. Microwave for reheating and melting, stove for cooking. In recent years, I've fallen back in love with my slow-cooker. Nothing like a pot of something tasty simmering on a cold winter day. Our fave...crockpot potato cheese soup!!

  11. I use mine for reheating, all except potatos (I bake them in it, so much faster). I had that broke a few years ago and we didn't end up replacing it for about a month. I actually had someone ask me how I was able to cook without it!! I was nice and kept my expression from showing the shock I felt. When I told her that I never cooked in it, just reheated, she looked at me like I was from Mars.

  12. Sure is a pretty one. I used to have one over the stove and wish I still did but I only have a counter one now. I too have used one for years and only lately am trying to go back to pans.