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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Magical Mystery Tour

I planted two "fun" plants this year.  And so far both are being a bit mysterious.

I started the Casabanana indoors in January and direct sowed the Luffa Gourd in May.  Both plants are growing gangbusters but no fruit yet. 

The Luffa put out 2 or 3 flowers a few weeks ago.  But then nothing.  Except more vines.  Who needs a beanstalk for Jack then you've got this monster in your garden?  SM wants to pull it.  I say wait.  For what I'm not sure but we've still got lots of time for something to happen.  It has an odor BTW, not a pleasant odor either...In fact it stinks.  Not my cup of tea but if we got some gourds out of it I'd be happy.  Anybody out there grow Luffas?  Is this normal?

I knew going in that the Casabanana needed a long season so I'm not surprised that nothings happening there yet.  Hopefully soon.  It's going on 8 months since it's been planted.  I could make a baby faster that this plant.

I put out my carrot mats this morning, gave them a good soak, and then tossed a wet Surfer Dude on top of them to help keep them damp and aid in germination.  This worked great for me last year.  Fingers are crossed as fall grown carrots ROCK around here.

The winter squash / pumpkin patch is hanging in there.  Some seeds germinated, some did not.  No surprise there either since it was so hot the past few weeks.  I re-seeded last week and it looks like some are popping up.

 That's it!  The tomatoes are winding down so I've been spending time indoors saucing them.  I made a killer spaghetti sauce last night, or at least SM thinks so after 2 helpings.  He's a happy man.

So back to the stove top today and tomorrow.  I've got 'maters to put up.


  1. Jealous of your 'maters! All I have going are cherry tomatoes that are still green . . . no color showing yet. Curious thing is that they are HUGE this year. Green. But huge.

    Your climbing jungle of vines is attractive. Sorry the one is smelly. No knowledge of it to share though.

  2. Ooh, keep us posted on the lufah. Hubby asked me to grow some next year as our annual experimental plant.

  3. I'm north-y too, like Mama Pea, so that makes TWO of us jealous of your tomatoes. On a bright note, I may have cherry toms in about a week. Oooooooooh, I can't wait.

    I think Loufahs do stink.....

  4. I'd love to see how your loofahs turn out. I am envious of your pumpkin patch. I'm afraid I may not get mine in on time.

    Hope cooler weather is comin' your way soon!

  5. Hi, I came here from another blog's link and I gotta say, I love the name of your blog and your dogs are pretty cool too :)

  6. I planted the angled luffa gourd one year and it grew like Kudzu. There were a lot of flowers but even by the end of the summer I had only 2-3 very small luffas. I think it was supposed to have been grown on a trellis, I just let mine roam on the ground. That may have been the reason for the lack of luffas. Won't be planting it again. Shoba

  7. Welcome fgk!

    Shoba...I'm thinking like you are, not gonna plant this again. It IS like kudzu!!!!