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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Nice Sweet Meat

Babe is one of my favorite movies of all time.

There's a part in the movie where Mrs. Hoggett is looking forward to the fine feast that Babe will become and says..."Pork is a nice sweet meat."

SM and I use that "Sweet Meat" phrase a lot around here.  You see, I'm Sweet Meat to any bug within a 5 mile radius.

SM will get the occasional bug bite, but where he might get one or two, I'll get ten or more.

Fleas, spiders, no-see-ums, skeeters...They flock to me like someone is ringing the dinner bell.

The past few weeks have seen me pop outside to gather veggies from the garden. I never feel the attack. Once inside, I'll be cleaning stuff and feel a "tickle" and brush it off. Then a scratch...then an itch. Pretty soon I'm shucking my clothes off and running to snag a quick shower only to find I've been snacked on.

Two weeks ago I got nailed by what we assume was a pissed off spider after picking beans. 16 bites on my back. Took about a week for the welts to go away. 

Yesterday, I brushed up against a large bush (didn't think anything of it) and proceed to get bit again over the course of several hours.

The dogs don't have fleas (Thank God) and just got a bath this weekend. I'm fine if I'm in the house, but if I go outside for any length of time..."Chomp, It's Dinner-Time!!!"

Is it possible that some people are genetically more prone to be Tender Vittles than the next? Inquiring minds want to know!

Turns out that there are some people whom bugs just find more attractive than others.

Figures. I never used to have this problem.

Can I blame it on menopause?


  1. Hubby is dessert for mosquitoes. And I'm a tasty treat for something we don't know what it is yet. I never feel a critter on me, but never fails, something always nails me, in of all places, my belly button. What on earth???? I never had this problem in IL, but Michigan has SOME kind of critter that loves me.

  2. Same here; DH is relatively unscathed, but when I'm outside I get nailed by every single mosquito in a five mile radius.

    Oh, and I just LOVE the movie Babe!

  3. Count me in as another "Sweet Meat." If I'm in a gathering out of doors during bug season, I can be used as sacrificial bait. No one else is bothered because every biting insect within ten miles is concentrating on me. My dad was like this, too, although even worse than me . . . so maybe heredity does enter into it.

  4. I'd blame menopause. Skeeters love me too and I hate to wear bug spray. The Off thingy was working pretty well for me until recently. They have multiplied by a thousand in the last week around here.

  5. Guess I am lucky that I am not sweet meat. At least not yet. Perhaps in a few more years (I did just turn 43???)

  6. Nice info, i like that movie too