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Saturday, July 14, 2012

North Carolina Soup

Well, it seems we're back to having our usual North Carolina Summer. 

A few weeks of 100 degree temps are pretty typical.  And now we're into the "soupy days of Summer."  Imagine wrapping yourself in a warm, wet blanket and try breathing through that.  

We're in a pattern of 90 degree weather with rain everyday.  Nothing really dries out.  The grass is high, the garden is boggy.  But we need the rain and it does make it nice for pulling weeds. 

Also nice for growing mold.  Earlier this spring, I posted about having to "bleach" the house in order to remove the mold off the siding.  A lot of you out there have never heard of having to do that.  It's quite a problem around here though.  I should take some pictures of some of the houses around here that have got a visible green mold growing thick on the siding of their houses.  ICK!  (I'd be freaking out if I saw that on my house.)

Anyway, I went out this morning to check out my world and thought I'd take the camera with me and give ya'll a garden tour.

I had to laugh though...When I pulled these pictures up on the computer, I thought "What the heck is that smear?  That fogginess?"

It's SO warm and humid out there that the camera lens fogged up with condensation.

We're still getting beans and the monster Luffa plant has finally put out a couple of blooms!

I hope to head out in a bit and do some gardening.  Hopefully I'll move quick enough that the bugs don't get me and the mold won't start growing.


  1. You've got mold, and here, we are so dry that dust coats EVERYTHING. So funny (not) to see my footprints going across the room--despite vacuuming 2 or 3 times a week.
    Stay cool!

  2. Mold is a problem they have in Florida,besides the salt air eating everything. Nice garden there!Here we are still dry too.You know its hot when you turn on the cold water and get warm water lol.

  3. We've got dust covering everything, although I suppose it's easier to clean off dust than it is mold.

    Oh, one day I will grow a loofa plant, I want to so badly! :)

  4. Your garden is still looking good! In checking out my garden this morning, I noticed the ground is starting to crack. They predict a day of 50% chance of thunderstorms and the sun beats down on us all day with temps in the 90s. Where's the rain, huh?

    I tried to weed but gave up quickly. Too dang hot. Happily inside our house stays cool (no A/C) so we can always find something to do in here.

    Stay ahead of that mold!

  5. We get a lot of mold here in the rainforest - you'll even see cars covered in mold - but it's been fairly cool up here on the mountain....

  6. We're dry here too. Yesterday we got some much needed (and diligently prayed for) rain. It wasn't much, you can't even really tell - the ground is still so dry. This morning there was dew, so I'm glad there is some moisture.

    After the rain yesterday, it cooled off considerably and there was a wonderful cool breeze. Today it was back to hotter than Hades! Bottom line: I'm not enjoying the heat and the dry.

    Your garden looks beautiful. Feel free to send some of that rain to Mid Missouri and I'll do my best to send you dry weather. :)