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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Peeping Tami Gets Her Wish (Part 1)

What's that I see?


Yeah, those red things on the counter.

Look like tomatoes don't they?  Well, they are.

Just not from MY garden.

These tomatoes are from Mrs R's garden. 

And just who is Mrs R?

Well...In my neighborhood there are 2 gardeners that I've been itching to meet.  Both of these gardeners have been at it for years and while "Peeping Tami" has been eyeballing their gardens from the safety of the street, I've never had the stones to go walking around someone elses backyard uninvited or worse yet, knock on their door and say "Excuse me but I've been admiring your garden for years now.  Do ya mind if I wander around a oggle a bit?" 

(It has crossed my mind though, I can tell you that.)

Sunday morning found me sleeping in until the ungodly hour of 5:30 am.  (Lazy butt that I am!)  The sun was well up as I took the pups out for their daily constitutional.  I kept it short as it was already 75 degrees (realfeel 82) with that sauna feeling in the air.  (No fun wearing fur coats this time of the year.) 

I was already hot and sweaty as I was walking towards home when Mrs R, who lives just down the block from me, happened to open her front door.  As she stepped off her front stoop, somewhere I found the courage to greet her with an enthusiastic "Good Morning" and asked the poor lady (who probably just rolled out of bed) how her garden was doing this year.  

Mrs R came out and we chatted for a moment about this years successes and failures.  She's failed with green beans and I feel sure my tomatoes are doomed.  I started gushing on about how much I'd always wanted to see her garden and Mrs R (bless her heart) invited me back over for a tour once I'd dropped off the dogs.

I hustled home, fed the pups, ran out and picked a bag full of green beans, grabbed my camera and looked at the clock. 

6:30 am

SM was still in bed so I left a note for him so he wouldn't wonder where the heck his wife had gotten to.

I walked back down the street, smile plastered on my face.  What a wonderful day!  I was getting my wish.  Up close and personal tour.

Plus I really wanted to pick her brain. 

She invited me into her home and introducted me to her husband (who is in failing health) and handed me a bag of tomatoes.

I grinned and handed her my bag of green beans.  And that's how I happen to have a bag of tomatoes on my kitchen counter.

(Part 2 - Mrs R's Garden Tour on Friday)


  1. What a great morning! Glad you finally got the nerve to say hello....see what a smile & and "howdy" can do?!

  2. Tami my dear, don't you know a gardener would ALWAYS want to show off their garden...never hesitate to ask for a "show me"! I talk more about my garden than my grand kids! I'm always inviting people over to take a look! You need to go check out the other neighbor, too...so much to learn and so much to share!

  3. I've never met a gardener yet that wasnt' happy to show their garden. But, I'm like you.....I admire from afar.
    Glad you got to see it!

  4. I'll bet she was just itchin' to show you her garden! Congrats on meeting a new neighbor. How fun to have someone close by to share gardening secrets with!

  5. Aw, what a sweet story. That's what neighborhoods are supposed to be about! I'm betting she enjoyed your green beans as much as you've enjoyed her tomatoes.