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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hinting At Fall

This past week we've had wonderful weather.  We got some rain last week...which we need...but it's the temperatures that are amazing.  It's been a very "un-august" like August.  As in highs around 80-85 with lows around 60.  We seem to be running about 10 degrees cooler than normal.  SM thinks we're in for an early Fall.  Wouldn't THAT be lovely?

We're able to give our pocketbook a rest and leave the AC off for a change.  I'm back to sleeping with the windows open.  I blow out the house in the am, using the ceiling fans and box fans to bring in the cool morning air.  Then I button up the house, closing blinds and drapes, keeping the cool air in. 

Gosh it feels nice.

SM and I are hoping for a long, long Autumn.  It's simply our favorite time of the year.  SM has golfing and college football to look forward too.  I've always got my garden to tend to.

I went out Sunday morning and finished planting the fall raised bed.  I direct sowed the mustard greens and transplanted the broccoli and cauliflower.

The second batch of carrots all germinated (YEAH) so we'll have sweet carrots to munch on come January and February.  The turnips and snow peas are also up.

My late planting of yellow crookneck squash is maturing and appears to have some blooms that might pop this week.  What a treat that will be to be able to eat some summer squash later this fall as my winter squash crop appears to be questionable.

The pumpkin/winter squash patch is hanging in there still although I see some leaves browning out here and there.  No fruit yet.  Just male flowers.

SM went out and planted the hydrangea and blueberry bush.  He also mowed the lawn and also burned the debris pile this afternoon.

Speaking of SM...The poor guy picked up a head cold earlier this week that shifted down into his chest a bit.  He's been coughing and hacking this past week, although he said he felt better today.  (Hence the outdoor work.) 

Me?  I made enchiladas earlier this week and I also made him some chicken-noodle soup today.  (Better late than never I guess.)  Spaghetti with meat sauce from the last of the frozen tomatoes is on the agenda for tomorrow. 

Sure seems like Fall is here already with THAT menu.


  1. Wowee, I'm hearing from all over the country that it seems as if we are all going to have an early fall! Not what I expected after the record-breaking heat so many of us had all summer. I don't really care if it does come early . . . just as long as it stays late!


  2. I'm thinking a long fall that never ends would be about the best thing ever! :)

  3. Your garden looks fantastic! Hope SM feels real better soon.