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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Market Stroll

I was scheduled for post-ops Saturday morning and had mentioned to SM that we hadn't been to the Charlotte Farmers Market at all this year.  (I guess this is what happens when you grow your own.) 

I didn't really need anything from the market, but we thought that since it was close to work, it might be kinda nice to take a morning stroll around the vendors and see what's up.

So SM drove me into town, dropped me off and while I went into work, he went and had some waffles, eggs and bacon at a local favorite restaurant of his.  SM says the waffles were amazing with a shredded apple on top and real maple syrup.  (We use the sugar free stuff here at the house.  Gotta watch his sugar...)  Me?  Not into breakfast all that much so I just grabbed a yogurt out of the fridge in our lunchroom.

We got to the market about 9:30.  Boy, were they busy!

There are 4 "sheds".  One for plants and one for crafts.  We rarely go into those sheds.  That leaves 2 for food and of the two I like the more open air one best.  (The other shed offers larger "Distributor" businesses. What I mean by that, is that these businesses get their produce from everywhere (Fla, Georgia etc...)) 

Lots of new local vendors, many displaying signage with their thoughts on farming.  (LOL...What we Sale?  Or Sell?)

All ages and ethnicity's.

Look at that pile of garlic.

All the beautiful colors!

And of course the flowers!

Over all, we both thought that prices were pretty high for produce.  Now that might just be a reflection of the economy.  More likely the prices were up just because it was Saturday and the busiest day of the week for these vendors.

We didn't buy a thing.  Didn't see anything tempting enough except some Asian Pears for $2 a pound.  (I really need to consider planting a few Asian Pear trees.  The local nursery says they do better up in the mountains than they do here in the Piedmont, but how do you know unless you try?)

I hope you enjoyed strolling the market with us!


  1. The produce there is high and it's high here too.5 Tomatoes for 4.50 but they were good!

  2. Gorgeous photos! I just love a Farmer's Market. People watching is half the fun for us....and you also never know what you'll come across.

  3. Ah yes, the advantages of living near a large population center. (Or at least in an area where gardening/farming successfully is a possibility!) We have nothing like that remotely close to us here. So the walk with you through the market was super eye candy for me. Thanks!

  4. Beautiful photo's. I love walking through the local farmer market on saturdays just to see what's in season and inhale different smells of fresh produce.

  5. What gorgeous photos! This is the one out by the airport right? Like you I prefer the "shed" with the folks who are clearly local farmers instead of the year round distributors. Have you checked out any of the smaller, but genuine farmer's markets in Charlotte? We are lucky enough to live close to the Matthew's farmer's market. Much, much smaller but everything sold there is produced within 50 miles.

  6. Man, I miss being there. The farmer's markets up there are so great. We've gotten flowers there that were SO reasonably priced. Thanks for sharing your trip.

  7. What resturant did SM go to? I am a breakfast person and would love to visit that place. I like the Pineville, Elizabth, and Cedar Street markets.