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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Plants For Old Ladies

Heather, a co-worker of mine, has had the most lovely blooms on her desk the past few weeks 

It didn't shed. 

It didn't die until almost 2 weeks had gone by.

"Is that a Hydrangea bloom?"  I asked.  It was a lovely light blue color and easily the size of my two hands spread wide.

"Yeah.  I snuck out in the morning and snipped it from my neighbors yard."  She confessed.

I was in love.  "I need to plant me one of these."  I said, my wheels spinning.

A few days ago, I met up with Deb (my native Southern friend).  We were comparing garden notes when I mentioned my astonishment over the hydrangea.

"It was just the most beautiful thing!"  I exclaimed.

"Funny you should mention that."  Deb said.  "A co-worker who just passed away last week used to bring me hydrangea blooms.  I thought the same thing at the time and I wanted to plant one in memory of her."

"You know..."  I said frowning,  "I've always thought of hydrangea's and peonies as being "Old Lady" plants.

"Well, Tami...That's what we are, aren't we?  Old Ladies?"  Deb said with a big grin. 

I laughed.  She's right.  I'm officially an old lady!

Well, I got off work early Friday afternoon and made a bee-line for the local nursery hoping for some fall veggie starts. 

I picked up some broccoli and cauliflower plants and a packet of mustard green seed as Debbie said those are the best "stewed down".  I've never eaten "greens" before so I figured Live in the South?  Eat like a Southerner!

Anyway...When I went to check out the lady said that today was the first day of their 50% Off Sale.  I asked if they had any hydrangea's and she took me around out back and showed me 3 different varieties.  $25 dollars each.

"Well, Hot Damn."  I said to myself and hustled home to call Deb.

We piled back in her car and went back to the nursery and each bought a Merritts Supreme Hydrangea.  (I also snapped up the last blueberry bush they had, some bird netting and a pair of pruning snips.)

The plants are healthy and HUGE.  Not bad for $12.50

I looked it up on the Internet and take a peek.


I was told that these are pink but we can add aluminum sulfate to the plant in March and it will change blue.  How cool is that!

This old lady is gonna be very happy with her "Old Lady" plant when it blooms next year.

Now I just need to get SM to plant it!


  1. As a kid my neighbor had these flowers and I fell in love with them and still love today. They are great. I think of them as a romantic summer flower for some reason.


  2. More than hydrangeas, this old lady loves peonies. Don't have even one plant right now but I've dreamed of having a whole row of them. Somewhere in the yard. Sometime. Yup. Gotta do that.

  3. OMG! I just planted 2 hydrangea's in my front yard two weeks ago! I guess I'm old too LOL

  4. Love Hydrangeas! I planted two in the front yard of the first house I owned when I was 22. They are NOT an old lady plant. Maybe just a lovely lady plant? ;)

  5. I think they are gorgeous, especially as I am partial to blues, but I think it's too hot down here to grow them.
    I'll enjoy yours though!