"Getting rid of everything that doesn’t matter allows you to remember who you are. Simplicity doesn’t change who you are, it brings you back to who you are."

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Roll With It Baby...

Yesterday morning as I was headed into work, I was driving along when...WHOOSH...I was suddenly engulfed in a spray of water, covering my entire windshield.

For a split second I thought to myself "Did I hit a water puddle?" and then I realized my radiator had burst.  Fortunately, by this time I was in the city and up ahead I spotted a car dealership and pulled the Jeep into their parking lot.

Steam rolling off the Jeep, I left it and wandered into their service department and asked if I could borrow a phone so I could call SM.  (I'm probably the last human being on earth without a cell phone but somehow I always manage to find a phone when needed.)

SM picks up, sounding confused as the caller ID must've shown him the dealerships name..."Hello?"  He asked.

"Hey, it's me.  I think I blew up the radiator."  I told him what happened and where I was.  I was about a 1/2 hour out from home so I had a bit of a wait.  The service department guy offered to take a look at it but I declined knowing that I'd pay twice as much through them than I would if I just let SM handle it.

So I went back out to the Jeep, turned it on and parked it so that a tow truck could come haul it off.  I rolled down the windows and doodled with some paperwork while I waited.

A few people wandered by as I realized I'd parked in the employee parking area and while a few people said "Good Morning" as they strolled by, nobody stopped. 

And then Cassie showed up.

Cassie was about my age with bright, dyed from the box red hair.  She came right up to my window, introduced herself, offered all the services I had earlier declined and then hung out to gab with me for a bit.  You could tell Cassie was a social butterfly.  Either that or she was really didn't want to head into work.

Anyway, Cassie and I fell into conversation easily, like long lost friends.  She had a long, black chin hair that waggled about as she talked.  I couldn't keep my eyes off it.  Boy, did I ever want to tweeze that thing.  (Made me wonder if I plucked some of my own chin hairs lately...)

This distraction aside, Cassie and I gabbed about my situation when she observed, "Wow..You're pretty calm about all this."

I laughed.  "Well, it took me 50 years to get here.  You might not think it but I've been a pretty up tight individual for most of my life." 

I shrugged.  "Now?  Eh...who cares?  Stuff happens.  I've learned to "roll with it."

"I really admire that."  Cassie said. 

"Does your husband work on cars?"  She asked.

""He works on mine!"  We laughed.  She seemed really reluctant to leave me sitting there but I assured her that SM was "incoming" and that I was fine.

SM showed up after a bit and after popping the hood seemed confused.  The reservoir still had water in it, water wasn't pouring out of the Jeep like he'd thought it would.  I turned it on and after a few minutes a smokey, steam started coming out of the radiator.  I turned it off.

"Well...let me get you to work first."  SM says.  "I'll call a tow and get this hauled to our local mechanic."

So now we're driving into work.  "Did you have plans today?"  I asked SM.

"Nothing that can't be put off for another day."  SM replied.

"Is this gonna cost a lot?"  I asked.

SM shrugged.  "A bit."

"Still, it's cheaper than a monthly car payment."  I replied.

"Ya got that right."  SM agreed.

Sometimes Ya just Got To Roll With It Baby.


  1. So glad you were okay. Age does have its benefits. Doesn't make up for the hot flashes though, now does it? ;0)

  2. Gotta admire your way of handling a stressful situation which will lead to a happier life on a daily basis and even probably add years to your life! We've all got to learn to not turn molehills into mountains . . . some of us are more successful at that than others though! ('Scuse me now while I go put on my climbing gear.)

  3. Hi, I've been reading your blog for awhile now and really enjoy it. I had to tell you, I loved that song "Roll With It".
    I've never heard it and never heard of Steve Winwood. It is now on it's way to my house!

    PS To Mama Pea, I also read your blog and Ck.Mama and a few others from your blog list. Love them all.

  4. Hi, Barb! Don't cha just love the great connections you can make by finding blogs off of other peoples' blogs you enjoy reading? (Did that make sense?) I originally found Tami's blog off of Erin's (Garden Now - Think Later) blog. And so glad I did!

  5. I think I need to learn to channel some of your calmness when things go awry!

  6. Tami I love your attitude! I'm finding now that I'm in my 55th year that things don't bother me as much either. By the way I don't have a cell phone and do just fine.

  7. Welcome 50x100...Why do I get the feeling there's a story behind that name. Go ahead. Spill ;)

  8. Thanks Tami, 50 X 100 is my lot size, with a 900 ft house sitting on top of it. I guess you could say I live in a bungalow and have a very small garden. But believe me its jammed pack with all my favorite things, both house and yard...lol I haven't been brave enough to start my own blog (got the name though), but so enjoy reading yours.