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Friday, August 3, 2012

Some Like It....NOT!

Was it only 2 weeks ago that I posted about having so much rain that I thought that I'd likely be growing mold on me if I stood still too long?  Lesson Number 1, Tami...Never bitch about a good thing.

It's been 2 weeks of "dry as a bone" around here and even trying to water from the hose to keep things alive seems to hardly make a dent in the dry arid soil. 

Looking at the garden last night with the thermostat hitting 98 again shows me that some plants are just TOUGH!

Some like it....

And some like it NOT...

Including little Scooter Boo who's panting double time after 10 minutes out in the heat.

Hey you...over there...

Yeah I'm talking to you!  Bring that nice little rain cloud over here would ya?  I promise I'll never complain again.


  1. Too funny. I suspect that we are not that far from each other so I am now in the same boat. We actually got a pop-up thunderstorm last night for the first time in a while. Unfortunately, I do not think it was enough to do much for the garden.

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  3. We had a boomer out of the blue last night. Go figure...

    Hang in there, it's gotta rain sooner or later.

    Love your new header!!! WOW!!!

  4. We went 22 days without rain. Now all it does is rain. Did we trade or something that I'm unaware of???

  5. Mother Nature is seriously PMSing. And Scooter Boo is paying the price. Poor dear!

  6. Looks like rain for us this weekend...yeah. No drought for us, but it's been darn hot the last few days. BTW...The Header is Wonderful!! Took my breath away!

  7. I hear you, we haven't had hardly any rain at all it's just been consistently HOT this summer. I have to believe it's good though, it will help weed out the weak plants. I always try to look on the bright side!