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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Try, Try Again.

A couple of weeks ago I made my carrot seed mats and covered them up with a bit of dirt and my old faithful "Surfer Dude" beach towel in the hope that I could get them to stay moist enough to germinate in the 90 degree heat.  I went out to inspect them this past week and my germination rate sucks.  Only about 50% came up.  Old seed?  Too hot?  Too dry?

Likely all of the above.

But wait.  I had success germinating the same seed this Spring, so I made more seed mats and planted another batch in a different bed and watered them down. 

We'll see.  If this batch doesn't make it then I'll toss the seeds.

Then I thought, "What the heck."  And planted some left over summer squash seeds and even some snow peas that I had left over from this Spring.

I had bought a packet of turnips from BC.  I've never tried turnips.  SM turns his nose up at them but Baker Creek says that the Boule D'or turnip are sweeter and milder.  So that's my "something different" plant for this Fall. 

I was going to hold off on planting the lettuce till next month but with the cooler evenings we've been having, I went ahead and planted those too.  And I really think I'm going to try broccoli and cauliflower again.  I'll buy those from the nursery though.

Am I a glutton for punishment?  Maybe.  But this weather is just kooky enough that you never can tell what's going to happen. 

So you fail. 

But you just might succeed too.

You just never know.  That's what makes gardening fun.  Plus I've got my hoop house ready to go to try and extend this Fall's growing season. 

I'm really looking forward to fall and winter gardening.

Aw...who am I kidding.  I just want it cooler @;)


  1. I think you're so right on giving stuff a try anyway. If it doesn't work out--what are you really "out"? And if it DOES work-the benefits are obvious!
    Good luck!
    And cool temps are here--60's for the high all week. Not so good for my tomatoes that haven't ripened yet, but good for me!

  2. No harm in trying again. Hope at least 50% make it - as a reward for your diligence :)

    And, tell DH that there is nothing nicer than turnips in a home-made chicken soup - adds something special to the taste :) (not that you feel like (hot) soup at the mo' but in the dead of winter... nothing nicer :)

  3. What's the worst that can happen? You may as well give it a go. I never get discouraged enough to stop trying, even though I haven't had much success. Enjoy the cooler weather!!!

  4. I would say, after you lay down the carrot mat, to put a clear plastic drop cloth over it. That would still let in light, but also hold the moisture in until they germinate.

  5. In gardening there are no failures, just experiments. (Is that a cop out? Nah. If we don't try, we'll never succeed!)

  6. Are you sure the paper towel/napkin isn't just too thick for good germination and growth on the carrots? In the photo it looks like it might be. I always to the wet tear test to make sure the paper disintegrates easily. I definitely wouldn't cover them with clear plastic. That's what is used to solarize soil and kill off everything underneath it with heat.

  7. Kooky indeed! I'm just thinking about fall gardening, among other things a whole bed with all the lettuce seed I have leftover! Who knows, it might do well.

  8. Thanks for the input Guys... I think it was the heat mostly.

    I never thought about the paper towel being too thick Granny. It's worked for me the past 2 times I've done the seed mat. We'll see. It could be the 3 year old seed I'm using too.

    BTW, the turnips are up already! 5 day turn around. That's fast!