"Getting rid of everything that doesn’t matter allows you to remember who you are. Simplicity doesn’t change who you are, it brings you back to who you are."

Sunday, August 5, 2012

You and Me...Together

Continuing with the "musical theme" this weekend...It's been a really, really long time since SM and I took a vacation. 

As in NOT here. 

As in someplace else. 

As in anyplace else really.

SM is self employed so if he's not working he's not making money.

With my seniority at work I get about 4 weeks of vay-kay a year.  I spend most of those days off here at the house which is fine...but there's just not that disconnect that happens when you have NO responsibilities and NO obligations other than to wake up, look at each other and live the day as you wish it. 

How wonderful it is to explore a new place with the person you love.  It's almost like being a kid again.  Running away from everything.  Do whatever you want.  Fly by the seat of your pants.

The past few years SM and I have both hated the thought of spending money on a vacation.  For us, a true vacation means flying somewhere that we've never been and experience places that we've only read about.  Eat the local food, hike a trail, sit beside a river and watch the clouds go by.

And talk.

Ultimately that's the thing we like best about our time together on vacation.  Talking, holding hands.  We get to know each other all over again.

We're due.  Actually we're way overdue but that's OK.  This year it's gonna happen.  We're committed.  We're gonna make it happen.

So this weekend SM and I are going to do a little day dreaming.  Consider where we want to go, what we want to do.

We'll still keep it tight financially speaking.  As in we'll stay here in the States.  (I'd love to go to Europe someday but I'm not willing to fly all the way over there only to spend a few days.  When we (hopefully) go to Europe, we want to take a couple of months and explore it fully.  That's our hope anyway.  And we can't do that with 2 full time jobs, 3 dogs and a cat.  So THAT dream will sit on the back-burner for now.)

So where should we go?  After the Summer we've had we BOTH agree we want to go someplace that's NOT 100 degrees for sure.  Someplace cooler.

I'm leaning towards California either San Diego or San Fran.  SM is thinking Boston and the New England Coastline.

It's funny how we've decided to vacation on different coasts isn't it?  But somehow I think we'll come together and agree on the perfect place to reconnect.

We always do.

You and Me.  Together.


  1. Between you on the West coast and SM on the eastern side - perhaps the mutual meeting point should be Canada. Know that's not IN the US - but, heck, it's as close as it can get :)

  2. Or you could come west and see us. We are heading to Rapid City and there's Mt. Rushmore & Custer SP

  3. If you go to New England, be sure to check out the coast line of NH, especially Portsmouth. That is my neck of the woods, and it's fabulous!

  4. Canada is lovely in the summer. I'll bet it would be a nice break from the heat.

    Have you thought about doing a house swap?
    Can't wait to hear where you decide to go!

  5. Do let me know if you plan on coming to CA. I live in the Bay Area and my sister is a travel agent and knows everything there is to know about San Diego as it is her favorite place to vacation. She does not charge for her services as she gets paid through the bookings. The SF weather is wonderful in late Sept and Oct. In the summer it is cool and foggy. Going to SD right after school starts is great too. Weather perfect and no more crowds :-). Let me know if you have any questions about this area and I will hook you up with Tanja.

  6. Yep Yep head north its cooler there.I agree with Donna.