Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Season In The Sun

Chuck has had a rough Summer.

No one thought to give the guy any UV protection so he's a bit faded. 

He's looking pretty skinny and his pants are about to fall off too.

Poor Chuck.  It's tough out there Dude...


  1. Your scarecrow looks something like Blockhead - they both have b-i-g fat stomachs. Guess it's from the lack of exercise...!

  2. I don't have a scare crow as our crows seem to be scared already, go figure.
    I do put sticks up in the garden, this year I didn't as I have two rows of pole beans. Anyway the sticks give the blue birds perches from where they hunt in the garden. I try to get the meat eaters into the garden.

  3. Gee, Chuck looks like I felt all summer. Except I'm not as skinny. Or have as fat a belly. Otherwise, we're identical.

  4. Chuck must have been eating lots of carbs with those veggies. Cute, I use the scrawcrows from Michaels or Big Lots in the garden. Hope I remember to get one at the end of the season, mine faded too.

  5. Maybe he's been busier in the garden than you thought!