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Thursday, September 20, 2012


I just can't win for losing this year.  Something has been eating my fall veggies.


And after...

Lettuce, broccoli and cauliflower all got chomped.  The carrots are gone.  They've even taken a few bites out of my summer squash.

So what's been chewing on my garden besides bugs?

Well, we've seen the quick scurry and flash of mice as they zip along.  Plus the dogs are really into the garden fence line right now.  Sniffing and running, ears up as they see what we don't.

So I went ahead and laid out some glue traps and the next day I got me a mousie. 

"Sorry Dude.  I know how this goes.  Once the free "salad bar" is done with in the garden, you'll be heading into my house." 

KiKi can be relied on to patrol the house and yard but since he's blind I can't count on his usual precise attention.  And he is getting older and since I've got 3 dogs, I'd rather not have the excitement of introducing a new cat (or cats) to the mix. 

(My Vet has got two of the cutest little sisters.  Gray Tabby Kittens.  So adorable!  I'm such a sucker!  But no.  I'm not wanting to add to the menagerie I've already got.)

It's really no surprise that the mice have moved in though.  I knew it was only a matter of time with our compost heap and the fact that the house next door is unoccupied.  (It's supposedly SOLD but who knows how long it will take for the new owners to take possession as it's a foreclosure.  I'm sure the paperwork will take forever.)

It can't lay the blame completely at the mouses door either.  I think my "rabbit proof fence" ain't so much anymore.  Now I haven't seen rabbits in the garden lately but I don't think mice did all this damage on their own.

So I'll do what I can to control the damage.  The lettuce will come back, but the carrots are GONE.  (sob)  Who knows if the broc and cauli will bounce back.

Interestingly the mustard greens are just fine. 

And it seems that NOBODY likes turnips.  (Elbow to SM's ribs.)  They are growing gangbusters! 


  1. I've heard that mice don't like the smell of peppermint oil. Perhaps you could try spraying your wooden beds with it and see if it works.

    Yeah - you don't want them inside...

  2. Have you checked for green caterpilars? they tend to blend in but can devour all leafs in matter of hours.

  3. Yup, I was thinking rabbits rather than mousies. Our deer fencing keeps rabbits out of our garden but mice could easily slip through. Although we catch lots of mice (at strategic spots OUTSIDE before they get inside) this time of year -- so I know they are around in abundance -- I don't think I've ever had garden damage from them. (Knock on wood!)

  4. How very frustrating. . . We are having a major issue with rats - big, disgusting, bold rats! We live next to a large cow field and - dare I call it a lake? It's more like a drainage pond. They have gotten so arrogant that they are chewing holes in my patio screen to see if there's anything edible on the patio. It's a battle we intend to win though. To be more precise - it's a battle I've informed my husband he "better" win . . . and soon!