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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Happy Accident

Earlier this Spring, I planted strawberries for the first time. 

I had wanted to plant them directly into the ground because I was afraid the Summer heat would wipe them out if I planted them in the raised beds.

When I received the starts though, my "in-ground" beds weren't ready and I had no choice but to plant the berries in the raised beds.

Boy was THAT a "stupid-smart" moment.  I can't even BEGIN to imagine how frustrated I'd be trying the combat the wire grass along with the strawberries.

The berries look wonderful and are doing their level best to fill in the entire raised bed area.  Early on I kept pinching back the fruit to allow them to get estabilished, but now I'm letting the fruit mature.

These are "day-netural" Seascape.  I get a handful of small berries every couple of days.  Not much, but I'm hoping with maturity that I get more next year.

It is weird getting strawberries in the Fall though.

Any advice from those of you who grow strawberries on Fall/Winter prep?  Other than a shot of fertilizer when I planted them, I haven't done anything to them.


  1. I've had a request to post about how I prep my strawberry bed for winter (up here in northern Minnesota) and I'm going to do that today if I can. You're in such a different climate than us though that I'm betting yours could/should be handled in a different way. I just don't know enough to make any suggestions for your berry plants.

  2. What a lovely surprise. I have one strawberry plant hanging on, but it looks nothing like yours! Guess I'll give it a shot of fish emulsion tomorrow. Enjoy your berries!