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Friday, September 21, 2012

Nine Months

I started my "fun" plant back in January.  The Casabanana is HUGE now.  It's growing up into the trees like Kudzu.

It's putting out an occasional yellow flower that's kind of "thick" petaled. 

And just one itty bitty fruit so far. We're about 6 weeks from our first frost.  Since this sucker took 9 months to get this far, I'm not optimistic I'll get a mature fruit out of it. 

SM likes to ask me "How my Cannabis is doing."  (He can't seem to remember it's "casabanana.")

I laugh and tell him not to talk too loudly.  (I can just see the DEA come knocking on my door.)

"What's this thing supposed to produce anyway?"  He asks. 

"A tropical melon."  I reply.

"I'm about ready to tear it down."  SM says pointing at how high it's growing.

"It'll get cut back soon enough."  I say.

"You're not going to pull it?"

"No.  I've read that they need a really long season to put out fruit.  I think I'm going to cut it back this winter and "hoop it" and see if I can get it to survive.  If I can, I'm hoping we'll get mature fruit next year.  I just hope we'll like it."

"And if we don't?"  SM asks.

"THEN you can pull it out."  I say grinning.


  1. Interesting - I have never seen one of these before. I will have to only look at yours though as we have already had our first frost so it doesn't sound like there is anyway I would get fruit from one. Now we wait to see if you like it (do you bake it into brownies? lol) or if it gets yanked. Your husband is funny.

  2. Tell SM I think it's a very attractive vine. Plant. Growth. Whatever. I've never heard of it either. Do you know what the melon is supposed to taste like?