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Friday, September 7, 2012


Ever since Isaac came in 2 weeks ago the Southeast has been under a heavy, hot, oppressive blanket of humidity.  Temperatures have hovered around 90 more or less, (which isn't bad) but there is absolutely no breeze and no break in the layer of moist air that surrounds you morning, noon, and night.

I've migrated back inside to the cool AC air that's swirling in my house, car and office.  The fans are on high generating a breeze. 

I've said it before but I'll say it again...Thank God for air conditioning.

SM and I were hoping to run down to the beach this weekend for a quick get-away, but neither one of us feels like going. 

Heat exhaustion, I guess.  We're so tired of it all.

It's funny...When it's Winter, all you want is Summer to get here and once you've had your fill of Summer, all you want is Fall. 

I'm tired of sweating. 

I'm tired of feeling like I can't draw a deep breath because of the heat and humidity.  I want fresh air and cool breezes.

Here at the house, the garden is an overgrown mess.  I keep hoping for a break in the weather.  A cooler day so I can wade in there and clean things up.  I have NO urge to get in there with all the bugs and weeds and sweat myself to death.


So I'm whining here to ya'll because it's sooooo close.  Fall that is.  Our break is coming.  Next week is forecast to be splendid.  Cooler temperatures and lower humidity.

I've lived here 14 years and it's always the same.  The weather "breaks" right around the middle of September and I swear you can hear everyone sigh. 

It's coming...Just a few more days, Tami.

You can suck it up.

(94 Today.)  Good thing I'll be inside all day. 


  1. The fall garden will start growing when the weather breaks, it is sprouted and holding on just waiting for the day!

  2. The humidity this year has been really horrid, but the cool weather is coming fast. Monday night we're supposed to dip to 40s. On my way to work I noticed that leafs are changing color and alot of golds and reds showing in the mountains. Fall is here :)

  3. There's a system coming in here tomorrow and it's only going to get into high 60s! Then Sunday and Monday 70s with nights in high 40s!! Yay Fall!!! Now if we could only get some rain.

    Hang in there ... Fall IS COMING! It's been sooo dry up here this year that most of the time the only moisture we've gotten IS sweat.

  4. Tami, you said it well. Great minds think alike. As I was canning last night, Husband said, why of all nights, did you choose tonight to do tomatoes??? Yeah... This humidity is supremely oppressive... Is it October yet???

  5. Hope you get that cool weather soon! Humidity SUCKS.

  6. P.S. I love love love the crepe myrtle on the banner!

  7. Tami 105 here today I'd love to see 80s somewheres!

  8. Oh, my! You folks who are STILL suffering with the high temps and yucky humidity! We've finally (I hope) left all that behind and are having days in the 60s and nights down to the 40s are forecast although it's yet to get there. It feels so good I wish I could send some of it your way, Tami. Hang in there, it will reach you, too.