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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Slug Bait

The past few weeks here have been beautiful.  Sunny, crisp mornings that give way to comfortably warm weather in the mid 80's later in the day. 

But no rain. 

It's been really dry around here, so much so that the lawn hasn't needed mowing, the hydrangea I planted has needed daily bucketfuls of water tossed on it and the garden is in "freeze frame".

Now to encourage the rain to come, some folks might get out and wash the car.  That usually does the trick, but I don't need it.

I'm on vacation.  (Or a better description might be "stay-cation" as I'll be sticking around the house this week.) 

And like a compass spinning to true north, nothing will bring rain faster than a girl on "stay-cation" with a to-do list a mile long.

Now you might think I'm complaining here but actually I'm not.  I'm just looking at this forecast of 4 consecutive days of rain with a bit of irony.  It's a good thing I'm not paying to be somewhere right now...stuck in a hotel, carting around a wet umbrella, sightseeing plans kai-boshed because of rainy weather.

Nah.  I'm actually happy for it.  I've got inside and outside work to do on my list and one of the biggies is to "pull" the garden.  As in pull dead and dying plants.  And weeds.  Or more specifically the Bermuda grass.  And there is nothing more difficult to pull than "wire grass" in dry ground.  Ain't happening.

So I'll take this rain and be grateful that it will soften things up out there.  It'll be a nasty, muddy, mucky job, but that's nothing new.  Dead and decaying plants are lots of fun aren't they?

Anyhoo...Saturday morning arrives with the on again, off again sprinkles.  I head out to take out some trash to the bin and dump this weeks compostables in the garden. 

I'm heading back to the house when I notice more than a few landmines in the yard. 

You know, dog poo. 

Boom, booms. 

And then I notice something else.

Maybe it's because we haven't had rain in ages.  Maybe it's because it's only 7:30 in the morning.  But there are slugs out there.  Huge Lochness Monster Slugs.  Small snakes.  Some of these suckers are pretty impressive, I must say. 


But then I notice something interesting.  They're all hanging around the dog poo. 


I stand there considering.  It's been a week since I've cleaned the yard.  Now I could let the rain take care of it.  But instead I decide to just go ahead and clean up the poo.

And while I'm at it I decide to "thin the herd" a bit.  Who knew dog poo was slug bait? 

I didn't.

But now I do and since I'm the designated Poo-Patrolman around here (SM runs the other way) I now know I can also pick up slugs and kill two birds with one stone.

So what interesting thing did you learn today?

(*I can't believe this is the post I'm blogging about.  Life is just TOO exciting around here isn't it?) 


  1. tami- Have you considered leaving the dog poo round "vulnerable" plants and allowing for a more bountiful harvest next season, to "waylay" the slugs? LOL

  2. I don't know, Tami...I think you need to get out more! Dog poop and slugs: yuck! Now me, I'm dealing with chicken poop and ants! We have these crazy ants that EAT chicken poop!

  3. So what interesting thing did you learn today?

    I learned men are wusses and it takes a real woman to scoop the poop. Yeah, that's my job too.

  4. Dog poo, huh? Just another reason I knew I hated slugs.