"Getting rid of everything that doesn’t matter allows you to remember who you are. Simplicity doesn’t change who you are, it brings you back to who you are."

Friday, September 14, 2012

The Day Is Coming...

I went out Monday and attacked the garden. 

I have never considered a weed wacker to be a gardening tool. 

It is now my dearest friend.

I tried...pulling the grass by hand that is.  I truly did. 

But the "wire-grass" (Bermuda Grass) was resistant to my profanity, filled tugs and pulls.  Even after the good soaking rain we had Saturday, this stuff was not letting go. 

So I broke out the big guns.

"Can you start this for me?"  I asked SM, pointing at the weed-wacker in the garage.

(Now I know how to start the weed-wacker but I like to play the "damsel in distress card" every now and then.  It's a good thing to remind a man that he's necessary from time to time.  Could I get along with out him?  Sure.  But he doesn't need to know that.)

"You sure you just don't want to take it slow and pull the grass out by hand?"  SM inquires.

"That stuffs so high I'm scared to stick my hand in it.  You never know what you might be grabbing."  We discovered to our dismay that we not only have a resident rabbit in the garden enclosure, but mice too.  And something dark.  A mole?  A rat?  Could be anything.  We just see it dashing along. 

It's our own fault.  If you've got something to eat and a nifty place to hide why wouldn't you park and camp?

So SM re-ved her up and (with my upper arm fat jiggling to the beat) I proceeded to the wack the shit out of the garden.  And the fence line along the garden.  And the fence line around our property.

An hour later, exhausted, arms trembling because I am after all an out of shape wimp, I pounded on the back door asking SM to get me some water.  I was covered head to toe in dirt, grass and sweat.  I wasn't about to walk in my nice clean house with all that crap on me.

SM peered closely at my face, "Did you cut yourself?!?...Oh!" He said, as he picked a piece of cherry tomato that had glomed on to my face.

"Geez...are you OK?"  He asked as I plunked my butt down on the porch swing.

"The day is coming..."  I said in between long gulps of water.

"Yeah?"  SM asked looking at me.

I gasped for air.  "The day is coming when I will put a For Sale sign on this house and walk away from all this crap."  I said with a wave of my hand. 

"It's funny how I always wanted a house out in the country with a bit of land, an orchard, some chickens and ducks."  I said shaking my head.  "Nice fairy tale isn't it?"

"A half acre lot with a house and garden and all the modern conveniences to tend it with and it's still kicking my butt."  I said with a long sigh.

Yep...One of these days. 

Until then, I'll try and keep it looking nice for you, Future Home Owner.


  1. Nothing nicer than and orderly garden - I always feel the effort is just sooo worth the reward :)

  2. I have a battery powered electric week wacker and in the summer it is my best friend hehehehe

  3. We are waiting for you guys out here. :) Come join us. Haven't had to mow lawn, shovel snow or weed wack. Mom & Bob

  4. Yup, gardening is HARD work. So is keep a yard as super-nice looking as you do. You've got a BIG garden and a BIG yard. But I'll bet you don't have to waste money on a gym membership, do you?