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Saturday, September 29, 2012

We're Doomed I Tell Ya

"What are you doing?"  SM asks me the other morning as he sits at the kitchen table tying his shoe laces.

I'm at the kitchen counter, big ceramic mixing bowl and assorted bags of ingredients scattered around me.  "I'm making blueberry muffins."  I said, measuring and stirring.

"Why?"  SM asks, his voice rising to a panicked pitch.

"My toes were cold."  I shrugged, eyes on my work, thinking there's nothing better than a hot oven on a cold morning. 

"You said you didn't know what you wanted for breakfast..."  I continued  "And since it seems to me that I'm always making you the same ole thing day after day, I thought I'd mix it up and bake you up some muffins."  The logic here is perfectly clear to me, I'm thinking in my head.  I toss the blueberries in.

"But I've already got the pumpkin cookies you made yesterday..."  SM's voice is getting higher. 

"Yeah...So?"  I ask, failing to see the link.

"But I don't wanna be fat!!!" SM wailed.  I looked over at him and saw that desperate look a man gets on his face when he realizes his woman is out of control in the kitchen.  He knows he can't stop me.  Heck...I can't stop myself.

"Well..." I pause looking at him, sympathetically (After all it's not like I eat this stuff). 

"I can always take these in to the girls at work."  I offer.

"NO!" SM springs to his feet, coming over and peering at the batter.  "That's a lot of blueberries in there."  I nod in agreement. 

I'm starting to feel bad.  SM and I are not the skinniest people around.  We both could loose some weight.  I truly didn't think when I decided to turn the oven on.  Flat out impluse.  (I must have Muffin Tops on the brain this week.)

"How about I take half of the pumpkin cookies and freeze them."  I say, fork full of batter waving around.  "Then I can also freeze half of the muffins and that way you can just pull them out and eat them as you want to."

Marriage is all about compromise after all.

"That'll work."  SM agrees, happy with my solution.  He pats me on the butt and then heads out into the chilly morning to work on one of his trucks.

He comes back in a bit later and says  "Wow...It smells wonderful in here.  It smells like Fall!  Is that cinnamon?"  He asks, heading over to the oven to peer in at the muffins.  "Oooo...A crumble top!"

"That's where the cinnamon is.  In the crumbles."  I say.

I wasn't sure about the cinnamon top on a blueberry muffin but SM assures me that they are very good.  "Better than Panera."  (I also added a bit of vanilla to the muffin batter.) 

SM gives this recipe two thumbs up. 

Poor man.

There is no mercy in this kitchen when the weather gets cooler.  I can hardly stand to turn the stove on when it's Summer.  But once Fall and Winter hits it's Game On!

*Next week...My Annual Lasagna.  Baked in my big turkey roasting pan.  Homemade tomato sauce, Italian pork sausage, ricotta and mozzerella cheeses all melted together.  I bake one lasagana a year.  He eats what he wants, then I divey it all up into portioned freezer bags for later.

We're doomed I tell ya!  Doomed!


  1. LOL your husband is a patient man....but I'm sure his tastebuds aren't complaining too much :)

  2. At least your husband eats your cooking,mine is slightly picky but so far I can manage him to at least try some things once.If he don't like it he eats it and says no .But a few of my concoctions he likes.Last night I told him to "get use to it" cause we were gonna eat healthier once we get the garden going.The look,Priceless!.LOL

  3. I hear ya girl, I hear ya. DH & I have well established muffin tops, but I cannot, CANNOT stop baking or cooking. Unfortunately, can't stop eating either :(
    But I have found that I'll make a batch of something & either immediately put it in the freezer or give some away. It helps. A little.

    Oh. And I have been known to eat cookies right out of the freezer - without waiting for them to thaw. So that's not an entirely foolproof way to curb the eating.

  4. MMMM MMMM MMMM That all sounds delish. I like the freezer idea, that way you have a long time before all that yummy stuff runs out and you can just keep adding to it.

    @ 3Beeze Homestead