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Monday, October 8, 2012

Arngh, Arngh, Arngh...

So we went back to Lowes Sunday morning to purchase the drains and the new disposal.  We got back home about 11 and completed the sink install. 

Then the faucet...I tell you the people who write instructions should be shot.  We figured it out but still...How aggravating!

Then the drain and PVC plumbing on the right side, easy enough.  The the new garbage disposal on the left side went in easy, peasy.

Speaking of disposals, when we were at Lowes a retired plumber named Jeff was helping us out.  I asked him what was the best quality and he pointed to one that said Badger on the side.

"Hey, a garbage disposal named Badger.  Just like that skit on the Bob and Tom show.  You know...arngh, arngh, arngh."

Both SM and Jeff laughed.  They got it.  It's an oldie but a goodie.  Give Mr Obvious a listen.  It's just a few minutes long and a classic.  I laugh everytime.

Anyhoo, the moment came when we had to turn the water back on.  You know that moment.  Visions of Titanic dance in your head.

We crossed our fingers and turned.  Nothing.  As in leaks or drips.  Yeah us!  Then we tested the disposal.  "Arngh, arngh, arngh"...Yeah us!

Then we heard a weird pressure noise and don't ya know it, the water filter started leaking!!!  WTF?  (All we did was change out the filters.)  We discovered after tearing  the unit apart that we must've thrown away a little gasket by mistake.  I went out and emptied the trash can looking for it but couldn't find it. 


So close and yet so far.  So I stayed at the house with a fan on to dry out the cabinet floor that got wet while SM made a return trip to Lowes to try and find a replacement gasket. 

So here it is.  The big reveal.  Before 

And after.

Wow.  Everything works well and I'm astonished at how big the sink is now.

Thanks for tagging along on our reno...."Arngh, arngh, arngh!"


  1. It looks great! Congrats! We need to replace our white sink and I'm thinking of changing it out to stainless. Why did you pick that particular one? Love the faucet too!

  2. Daisy...I liked the lower profile of this sink plus if you look at the middle divider it's lower down. Huge basin for pots. Much larger than my old one.

  3. I had never heard of that routine "arngh" Listened to it and loved it. Thanks for putting the link in.

  4. We are stainless steel people because its easier to clean.There is a porcelian(I cant spell lol) in our kitchen and I hate it.Yours looks great.Yeah sometimes I think those people who write the instructions gets a big laugh outta it.I think- what were they smoking or either they are just lazy.

  5. Nice! Betcha can't wait to scrub pots and pans now!

  6. Wow, what a wonderful improvement. I know you're delighted. I agree about instructions that come nowadays with anything. I think they try to write them in so many languages that there isn't enough room to give any actual information. Either that or they need a new English translator. :p