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Friday, October 19, 2012

But I Don't Wanna...

"Early voting started in NC today."  I said to SM last night. 

"I was wondering what the crowd was about."  SM replied as he'd been in Charlotte yesterday afternoon.  "Are you going to vote early?"  He asked.

"I'd rather not vote at all."  I replied.

"You're VOTING."  He said firmly.

"But I don't wanna..."  I returned.

"You're voting."  SM replied. 

Case closed.

SM and I discuss politics all the time and while I generally don't feel politics has a place on this blog, I do like to document what's going on in our world here.  And you'd have to be living under a rock not to know, care or be aware that this year's presidential election is turning into a doozie.  Passions are running high.

So what's up with my apathy?

Ever since I've been able to vote, I've voted.  This year though, I'm highly annoyed. 


As in "Get me the freak off this merry-go-round."

Like a kid that would rather stay home from school and play hooky, I find that I'm reluctant to participate. 

I want to find a way out. 

I'm done.

I don't care what your politics are.  Everyone has the right to believe in what they want.

That's the problem.  I don't like either of the pony's in this year's race. 

I can't vote FOR either one of them.  I can only vote AGAINST one of them.

And that's never happened to me before.  I've always gotten behind a candidate.

Like the song says  "Give me something to believe in." 

Seriously America...Is this the best you've got? 

I know when I'm being manipulated.  Always have been to some extent but at least they made you feel good about casting your vote. 

This year, I don't feel good. 

I want to cover my head like a child and let someone else decide. 

I tell myself that my vote really won't matter one way or the other. 

I always felt my vote is has been my opportunity to tell you that I believe in you.  That I believe in what you represent. 

I guess that's why I don't want to vote this year.

I've always been for.

Not against.

Will I vote?  I honestly don't know. 

It's not that I'm undecided.

It's that I don't believe.

In you.

And that makes me feel bad.


  1. Oh Tami, I so agree with you on this point. I don't want to vote this year. I really don't believe we are voting for a president---I truly believe politics has come down to nothing more than the mega rich (read:corporations!) are gonna do what the mega rich are gonna do.....and that all boils down to : No taxes for them, all the burden on US. I'm sick to death of whats happened to this once great country. The past 20 years have been nothing more than a power switch to the wealthy.
    So much for the GOOD of the people.........

  2. That's the problem with our system now; you are lead to believe that there are only TWO choices. Evil or the Lesser of Evil.

    Another think I'm tired of is having people tell me I'm wasting my vote if I vote for someone other than the Big Two. Uhm, no. Why would I be wasting my vote if I voted for someone I BELIEVED in as opposed to just voting for the "other" guy. That, to me, is a wasted vote.

  3. I wish there was a "none of the above" on the ballot and make them pick different canidates.

  4. Hi there

    Follow your gut feeling...if there is someone you believe in give them your vote. So what if they don't win you have voted with integrity.

    If there is no one who reflects your opinion don't bother voting...

    Politics is a corrupt business all over the world.