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Monday, October 22, 2012

Rumor Has It

Rumor in "The Hood" has it that the house next to ours is sold. 

We're hoping that the new owners will live in the home themselves rather than rent it out.  We had that happen to the house on the other side of us years ago.  The renters were nice enough people but they had 7 dogs and 3 teenagers.  The parents managed things as best they could but there were times that the adults were gone and the kids would party (we could smell the weed) and the dogs would bark till all hours. 

Needless to say, we were very happy when they moved out.  That house went into foreclosure and was sold to a wonderful family. 

We get along great with all our neighbors.  But as the old saying goes...You can't pick your neighbors.

With that in mind, I went over to the foreclosed property a few weeks ago and cut back some tree limbs that were hanging down in my garden area.  I trimmed back some of the bushes that were poking through too.

SM wasn't so sure that I should doing this but I pointed out to him that if this goes "rental" you can be sure the folks living there won't be doing any landscaping.  I didn't want the fence line we share to become any more damaged than it already was.  (It's their fence.)

Last week we saw some folks hanging around.  Seems like an inspection was going on.

The realtor was there so we picked her brains.  The house is a HUD home and the winning bidders hope to close Nov 9th.  (Wow! That's fast.)  The home owners are a young couple.

He's a deputy sheriff with the county.

Yeah us! 


Better burn the evidence @;)


  1. Hope they work out well. I'd LOVE to have my neighbors move away......

  2. LOL, had to laugh at that last bit :) Good luck with the new neighbors!

  3. Getting new neighbors is always a nerve racking time. Hope these ones are good'uns!
    Although, in all honesty, I suppose they may be thinking the same thing of THEIR (i.e. you) new neighbors :)

  4. We've had people move out of the neighborhood just to get away from some of our across the street neighbors...here's hoping yours are great.

  5. That's why we turn the key if we don't like our neighbors. Have had to only do that once and it was in the middle of the night. The drunk got irate that we asked him to turn off the generator so we could sleep. He got very verable and threatening so we moved across the parking lot at the Moose Lodge.

  6. as far as I know in this country, any plant hanging over a fence can be chopped off. That must surely apply in your country too...?

    Don't forget to scatter the ashes... LOL

  7. Lovely pics Tami. Hope your new neighbours are as lovely as they sound. Young and law-abiding :)

    Love your photographs. I see your home is governed by 4 legged friends too. :)