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Monday, October 29, 2012

We Squeaked By...

When we left for our extended "vay-kay" weekend, we were met with glorious blue skies and fall colors.

This is West Virginia as we climbed up the mountains on Friday.

This is what we met climbing the mountains today on our way home.

We were met at 12 noon with a big old sign saying blizzard conditions through Beckley to Bluefield.  We were both SO GLAD we got on the road early.  The forecast is for 3-4 feet of snow through the areas we drove through today.

Yes...It's beautiful, but we feel fortunate that we squeaked by Sandy as she headed inland wreaking hearth and home.

Our thoughts and prayers are for all that have to experience this massive event.  Even here in NC at 6:30pm we're having 30 degree temps and gusting winds.

She's a big girl and we're grateful we squeaked by her today.

Thanks to all our friends and family who called to check on us during our travels.  After all these years in the South, SM still knows how to drive in nasty weather.

Take care ya'll...


  1. I was wondering if you would try to beat this storm back. The bad parts are moving in here now. I am not looking forward to what the morning will bring. Glad your back safe and sound.

  2. Glad you are back. Absolutely amazing how fast things can change, isn't it?

  3. It's very strange from this central New Yorker to see the snow hitting down south - it's usually us getting the snow. High winds right now, no risk of flooding where I am. Keep warm!

  4. So glad you two are alright. Hope it warms up before we get there later this week!

  5. All of that mess stayed over the mountains from us so we are just getting cold wind here south of roanoke. You were wise to get out of there early!

  6. Yay!! You made it home!! It was nice to see "you guys" love ya, Jessie