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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Weapon Of Choice

I've been getting more headaches/migraines lately than I usually do.  I've posted about them before assuming that my headaches have been caused by:

Back out of whack (mattress - pillows)
Low barometric pressure (storm headaches)
Hormones (or lack there of)

About a month or two ago I went through a 2 week spell of almost daily headaches.  Not fun.  Eventually they went away and I've been plugging along headache free for awhile now.

Yesterday afternoon a storm front moved through and I felt a headache start to build.  I took a Tylenol before I went to bed and actually slept pretty good.  (Now please understand that I'm a "pill-a-phobe" by nature.  I'm a light-weight when it comes to meds so I usually take a 1/2 dose of whatever is recommended.)

When I woke up this morning the headache was still with me.  I went for my morning walk hoping that would help.  Nope. 

Now I'm pissed.

"I've got WAY too much to do around here to dick around with a freakin headache."  I said to myself.

So I pulled out the big guns.

One Tylenol.  Diet Mountain Dew.  And chocolate.

It's 7 am and down the hatch they went. 

I tell you there's something really wrong with eating chocolate at 7am at my age.  When I was a kid and it was Christmas or Easter morning, nothing was better than eating chocolate first thing in the morning.  I'm sure my Mom was thrilled having 4 kids running around on a sugar high. 

Back then it was all about too much sugar. 

Now it's all about the caffeine hit.  If you can load up on enough caffeine to shrink the blood vessels...Bye Bye Headache!

And nothing spells caffeine like Mt Dew and chocolate.

Why don't I take an Excedrin Migraine pill?  I did once.  A long time ago a co-worker gave me one to help with a migraine.  I got the shakes SO BAD from that one little pill I swore I'd never do THAT again.  (Plus it's got aspirin in it and I'm one of those folks whose tummy doesn't respond well to aspirin and ibuprofen.)

So it's now 8 am.  Is my headache gone? 

Pretty much. 

That's my weapon of choice right now, but I'm curious.  What helps you with your migraines?  


  1. Wow, how great that combo worked for you!! I am a long time severe sufferer of migraines. I have been to many doctors and tried many things. The last MRI showed that the vessels are becoming damaged in my brain as a result of the headaches. Most of the medication they prescribe is as damaging as the headache. I am trying one out now that makes my tongue swell- which is better than the 1# side effect listed on the box - DEATH. Great. As far as what helps...vicoden...that is all. AND they dont want to prescribe that for migraines so I have to take 5 year old pills left over from another injury. I really wish that they put far more research into migraines and treatments. It angers me that they have tons of research and tons of pills out if your wiener doesnt work, but you have a crippling, blinding headache for days (that can kill you in severe cases) and no one cares. I would also like to point out more women get migraines than men. Yep, its a mans world :(

  2. First off your father sold chocolate so you had a lot of it all the time. Remember Christmas we had 50# of assorted chocolate given to us.

    Now for the headaches. We have a friend who was really in bad shape emotionally and physically. He got OFF of aspartanine sweetners which is in Mt. Dew and lots of other stuff. We tried it and Bob no longer has headaches or pain in his hands. Give it a try.

  3. A cup of coffee and 3 advils knock mine out but it also knocks me out with a couple hours of sleep.I wake up I'm fine as wine and ready to go.Wierd uh?

  4. No processed foods or anything citrus. Also, I keep away from aspartaine or other sweetners. As soon as I feel one coming its 2 Advil with pepsi and a prayer. Hope you get better.

  5. I agree with the others plus Water!
    As soon as you get up drink a glass of water. Most headaches are caused by dehydration. Coffee is my drink of choice an my go juice but, I've started choaking down a glass of water in the am and feel much better through the day. A lot fewer headachs