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Saturday, October 27, 2012

We're OLD!

I am sitting here at my brother in laws computer wearing a hoodie, long sleepy pants, fuzzy socks and a throw in my lap at 5 am this morning.

Holy Crap!  It's freakin COLD here!

Welcome back to Ohio.  Now we know why we left!  (Jane called it.  See yesterday's comments.)

We had 80 degree sunny, blue sky weather until we hit southern Ohio.  (Very pretty leaf peeping through Virginia, BTW.) 

Then the grey skies moved in and we watched the temperature on the dashboard drop.  SM and I were both in T-shirts and shorts when we got to Ronnie's house about 5pm.  (Let me tell you nothing makes you want to pee faster after a long drive than a cold breeze up your skirt!) 

We then piled into Ron's car and headed over to Smokey Bones for some drinks and appetizers.  Time for Happy Hour!  SM and I got some looks as we walked in with shorts on.  (Ya'll ain't from around here are ya?)

We then headed back to their house for more snacks, wine for the girls and scotch for the boys.  

We talked about wines, Johnny Walker (Red vs Black), football (College and High School), health problems (Ron just had shoulder surgery) and medications we're taking (Everything known to man.)

That's what old people do when they get together, right?

Talk then turned to politics when I made the comment about listening to the radio on the way up and that "Once we hit Ohio it was nonstop political ads." 

(I guess this has been going on for a while now since Ohio is the HOT battleground state and everyone here is SICK of it. The robo-calls are a big hit too.  It makes me wonder if some folks are so tired of it all that they won't even bother to vote.)

The general consensus at the kitchen table is that Obama would take the win (Electoral College) but that we'd repeat all the drama from the Gore/Bush  election with the general vote being too close to call.  Toss in corruption, voter fraud and general disgust and we've got something to get excited about don't we?

Whatever...Hey, that's why we're drinking!

So it's going to be cold and rainy ALL FREAKIN WEEKEND.  Perfect for sitting around visiting I guess.  The boys plan on being parked in front of the TV watching football by noon. 

I, on the other hand, had hoped to spend the day strolling around the Columbus Zoo.  We don't have a good zoo in NC and I've been "jones-ing" for some lions and tigers and bears (Oh My!) for a while now. 

Not really sure at this moment if I'm going to go.  70% chance of rain with a high struggling to hit 50.  SM points out that the zoo critters just LOVE it when it's like this. 


Maybe I'll just watch some football, drink some wine and take a nap.  This hoodie is feeling really soft and warm right now!


  1. Enjoy your time with family :) Have you ever been to the Asheboro Zoo? We went recently and really enjoyed it. It large (500 acres) and lots to see. Very reasonable too, at only $12 to get in.

  2. Have fun with family!We are outside Louisville and are in for Temp shocks. I had to actually wear pants & my legs were "What the heck is this"! The cold is a nasty thing, I've found wine helps a lot!

  3. We have all the crazy political stuff happening here in Vegas also. Computer calls all day and it is driving everyone nuts! Obama has flown in by helicopter to a park near us to then take off in his motorcade. It is awful because it shuts down everything and you can't get anywhere because the streets are closed. I will be so happy when the election is over.

  4. it's Tracy, Jess and Teri saying "Hey, Tami...good to see ya."

  5. Honestly, I don't know which is more annoying - Frankenmonster Hurricane Sandy coming to tromp on Ohio, or all the *(**&#@! political ads and automatic telephone calls the state has been bombarded with for the past 2 months. 50/50 *sigh*

    Weird timing for your trip. Enjoy your visit... And stay safe.