"Getting rid of everything that doesn’t matter allows you to remember who you are. Simplicity doesn’t change who you are, it brings you back to who you are."

Monday, October 1, 2012

Whistle While You Work

Sunday arrived with the promise of a break in the forecasted rain.  After making some apple pancakes for SM's breakfast, we were relaxing watching one of those home shows where they rip out an old kitchen and install a new one.  (It's amazing how ugly some of these "re-done" kitchen are.)

Anyway, we're sitting there and SM is asking me what I'm going to do today.

"Wanna help me in the garden?"


Do you want to organize your office area?  We still have boxes of crap to go through?"


"Well, you're not gonna sit there all day watching bad TV."  I pointed out.

"I just don't feel like doing anything."  SM replies, not looking at me and flipping the channel again.

"Well, that ain't gonna fly.  I've got a whole week here at the house to get things done and I'm not gonna waste it."  I preached.  "How about the garage?  It's a mess.  You know if both of us work on it, it'll be done in a few hours." 

I eyeballed the clock.  "Noon.  We'll wrap it up by noon, OK?"

I stood up, smacked his feet which where propped up on the coffee table and said "Lets go.  Get some work clothes on."  I marched out of the room without looking back.

Sure enough SM and I spent about 3 hours Sunday morning cleaning, tossing and organizing the garage.  We typically attack it twice a year, Spring and Fall.  The garage is a catch all for all the crap we don't want in the house.  This past spring I told SM that all his work-out weight equipment was getting the heave-ho.  It's found a new home out in the garage.

While we were out there working I turned on the radio.  When SM and I start in on a project , I just find it's easier to do the job when there's a distraction like music.

We like all kinds of music and talk radio.  The AM station had on a financial guy giving advice.  "You wanna listen to him?"  I asked SM.  He shook his head.

I turned instead to a local FM classic rock channel and found Time Warp with Bill St James.  Do any of ya'll listen to it?  It's great.  They play music along with clips from TV show, news, comedy bits.  Every hour they pick a theme like music from a certain year or music with a theme to it.  They were playing music I'd never even heard of (which surprised SM) but most of it SM and I were both familiar with.

They played some Tom Petty where SM and I both looked at each other and sang along...

You better watch what you say
You better watch what you do to me
Don't get carried away
Girl, if you can do better than me, Go
Yeah go,

But remember...

Good love is hard to find
Good love is hard to find
You got lucky babe
You got lucky, babe
When I found you --

We were singing and laughing and reminiscing about growing up and the people we used to know.  We laughed at a news clip they replayed that said "President Ford is reluctant to acknowledge that the country is in a recession." 

"The more things change the more they stay the same."  I said laughing.

They next thing you know, we were wrapping things up in the garage.  Tidy and neat.  Way better than the mess we started out with.

"Good job, Baby."  I said giving SM a high five.  "Aren't you glad that's done?"  I asked.

"I knew once we got started, I'd be fine."  SM replied.  "It's the getting going that's the hard part."

It's funny...The garage wasn't even on my list of to-do's.  But I'm glad it's done.  Now, what's next next on the list?


  1. Nothing like a good song to make the work go by. The good company doesn't hurt, either. :)

    Funny about the recession bit - you're right...the more things change...

  2. Hello from Cricket Song Farm. I just happened upon your blog and got my good laugh in for the day. Thanks! Love to have you stop by my blog. Hope it makes you laugh also! Cricket

  3. That's a big job. Good on ya for gettin' it done.

  4. Hubs and I listen to the "oldies" station when we are working outside together. It does make the task at hand go by much more quickly.

  5. "It's the getting going that's the hard part." Ain't that the truth!! For me, procrastination takes so much more effort and creates so much more angst than ANY job I have to do. Wonder when I'll get smart?