"Getting rid of everything that doesn’t matter allows you to remember who you are. Simplicity doesn’t change who you are, it brings you back to who you are."

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Blue Fish

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish

“From there to here,
from here to there,
funny things are everywhere.”
One fish two fish“Oh me! Oh my!
Oh me! Oh my!
What a lot of funny
things go by.”
“Today is gone.
Today was fun.
Tomorrow is
another one.”

The people have spoken and "Yes" I did vote. 

It's in my nature to hope for a better tomorrow.  But for that to happen our elected officials need to start talking to each other.  To start working together.  I can't really say that I've seen much of that over the past 4 years.  Maybe the next 4 years will be different. 


Here's hoping for a better tomorrow, America.

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