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Saturday, November 10, 2012


After telling myself that I wasn't going to vote, then voting (early I might add) then telling SM how liberating it was to have gotten THAT out of the way, then discovering on election day that I actually DID give a crap how things went down...Well, lets just say that I'm suffering a bit of Post Traumatic Stress (er)Election Disorder. 

Yeah that's a new one.  PTED

I admit that I voted for the guy that lost.

I also admitted to SM that I stood there with my voting ballot in hand deeply considering tossing my vote to Gary Johnson instead if for no other reason than to protest our crappy two party system.

So it has come as a bit of a surprise that I've been feeling let down after the election results came in.  It's taken me a couple of days but I now realize that what's got me so down and blue lately is that I was actually HOPING for the promise of an economic recovery.

You know.  Good times.  Happy days are here again.  Looking forward to making things right again.

Instead, I'm just a little a bit verklempt that we get to look forward to another 4 years of the same old crap we just went thorough along with some new dramas with titles like Lame Duck, Fiscal Cliff and the 2013 Recession.

Not that I ever felt that we got out of the "old" recession.

So say "Hello" to more negativity and drama.  Say hello to inflation.  Say "Hello" to part-time jobs, government medicine and kicking the can down the road.

I promise that I'll get back to my normal blogging topics soon.  I've just got to shake this mood off.


  1. Me too! It's like I want to throw in the towel. People who take care of themselves and family know this guy will wreck our country and all of us will be hurt by it, especially the young kids who's future of living a good life is very dim right now.

  2. We're feelin about the same way.
    But, I've gotten the mind set we are moving on with it. (Yeah, it took a few days for my temper tantrum to wear me out) He can sit in the chair but he's not going to ruin my attitude for how we want to live. It may now take us longer to become sustainable but it won't stop the progress! Hugs to you!

  3. I'm not a political person,I figure since I'm poor to start with(but happy)I do what I can to live life the way I see fit.What can ya do?I was disappointed too how this election turned out but I kinda think we all seen what was coming.Now we have to make do.That's my thought on that.

  4. Money talks Tami,...and boy did both parties spend a heck of a lot of money. Just think when you have pop stars, actors and actresses advertising on your behalf you sort of have it made and Obama had them all. It also reflects how people are easily influenced by celebrities. Hope I don't sound too sceptical but this is what is being reported on our tv's here.
    I think the best thing is to switch the tv off and get into the garden. Hope today finds you in better form Tami :)

  5. I'm just so happy that the political phone calls, junk mail, mud slinging TV commercials, and damn lawn signs are behind us. Now all we have to deal with is the supposed December solstice Mayan apocalypse. After that, I'm just heading back to the garden.... *sigh* What else can ya do?