"Getting rid of everything that doesn’t matter allows you to remember who you are. Simplicity doesn’t change who you are, it brings you back to who you are."

Friday, November 2, 2012

Quick Change Artist

I woke up last night shivering.  Bone chillingly cold. 

"I must've had a flash and tossed all the covers off again."  I thought to myself.

So I grab up what covers I can (SM is huddled under a wad of them) and try to warm up.  Gradually, I hit that happy spot of "warm" and start to drift back off to sleep.

But just when I'm about to go deep I feel that feeling.  You know the one.  I've gone past warm.

"Flame ON!"

Suddenly I fling the covers off and sit up, grab my T-shirt and lift it over my head, panting.

This is the new norm lately at my house.  First I'm too hot, then I'm too cold.

Now that it's colder out, I will say that my hot flashes resolve alot faster than in the Summer months but...Geez.  Now I'm shivering.  Blankets, jackets, socks...I've got them all piled on top of me.

SM has noticed too.  Generally speaking he runs a few degrees warmer than I do so even in Winter it's not uncommon to see him roaming around in T-shirt and shorts complaining about how cold the house is. 

"Put some clothes on!"  I used to tell him.  Funny how things change.  Now I'm the one who's the quick change artist. 

SM was laughing at me the other day.

"Just a minute ago you went walking by in a T-shirt and shorts.  Thirty seconds later, you're in long pants and a sweatshirt."  He observed.  "I've never seen anybody change clothes so fast."

"Stick around.  I'm sure in a few more minutes I'll have a completely different outfit on.  As in naked!"  I responded. 

"Maybe that's why all the old ladies wore shawls."  SM pointed out.  "They could flip them up and down without anybody noticing."

""Makes sense to me!"  (Do they even make shawls anymore?)  "I don't remember anybody talking about this, do you?  I mean you'd always see all the old ladies hanging out together.  I always assumed they were complaining about all the old men.  Maybe "The Hen Party" was everyone comparing notes about menopause."

"Maybe.  But I'm sure there was more than just a little complaining about the old men too."  SM says.

Good point.  We can't help ourselves, can we?


  1. Yep thats why Im up now.I have those hot flashes too.I end up waking myself up and get mad.So I'll go to bed later I keep thinking.Its 3:56 a.m. here now.

  2. Same here in our house.
    My husband keeps saying to me....
    the house is freezing and I am sitting feeling boiling hot...oh the joys of getting older. :)