Saturday, December 22, 2012

All I Want For Christmas? How About A Box Of Kleenex!

"Don't kiss me!"  I warned SM yesterday morning.  "I'm sick!" I say presenting him my cheek instead.

"Your annual Christmas cold?"  SM inquires sympathetically, opting to avoid my facial region completely and instead heading south to give my buns a "Good Morning" pat.

"Yeah...I guess!"  I reply congested, reaching around him and grabbing at the box of Kleenex on the kitchen counter. 

"Ahhhh  Chooo." 

Seriously folks, is there anything better in life than a really good sneeze?

I went to work Wednesday morning with a killer sore throat, itchy eyes and a general feeling of DOOM that had little to do with the upcoming apocalypse.

"Try some Airborne."  My Dr. Boss suggested stepping backwards about a foot.  "I had the same symptoms earlier this week and felt better after a day or two on the Airborne."  (At least I know who I got the cold from!!! Geez!)

So I ran out to the pharmacy at lunchtime and picked up a bottle.

I've never tried this stuff but took the supplements as directed and actually felt better Thursday morning.  By Friday morning though, I knew I was screwed.

So I suffered through as best I could at work yesterday and late in the afternoon got a call from SM.

"Hey, I'm here at Walmart.  You busy?"  His phone connection was pretty bad.

"Actually, yes!"  I said annoyed that he was bugging me at work.  I was up to my eyeballs trying to get crap done before taking next week off.  "You got the list?"  I asked.  "Do the best you can...Bye" and hung up.

On the drive home though, I started to feel bad.  I knew that SM went shopping cause he knew that I hated crowds and since I was sick, probably wanted to take that load off my shoulders.

So I apologized to him for being so snappish on the phone as I helped him unload the groceries.

"It's OK.  I knew you weren't feeling good."  He said with a shrug.  "If I forgot anything, you can always go another day."

Looking around I noticed that he didn't buy any more Kleenex.  "Didn't I put Kleenex on the list?"  I ask, voice pitching higher than usual.

"Uh....I didn't see it?"  SM breaks the news.

"Well, crap!"  I say exasperated.  "The one thing I really do need."

"You want me to go back out?"  SM offers  (What a nice guy!)

"Nah.  I've got enough to last me the night and if not, there's always toilet paper."


  1. I'd make Paul go out & get me more Kleenex (with lotion). There's nothing worse than having to blow a sore nose on toilet paper!!
    Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Try Zicam also. Airbourne works to prevent but Zicam helps you get over it quicker.

  3. There is a lot of nasty nasty stuff going around - including at our house. :( And toilet paper is definitely a good substitute for a lack of Kleenex. :) Hope you can kick the crud and feel better in time to celebrate!

  4. Sorry to hear that you are down with a cold Tami, love your Christmas bauble picture. Beautiful. :)

  5. A roll of toilet paper has a handy trash receptacle right in the middle for the used tissue. Hope you're feeling better soon. At least if you've got next week off you can get some rest (hopefully).