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Sunday, December 9, 2012

I'm Dreaming Of Next Years Garden

Yesterday afternoon was sunshine warm and 70 on our back porch, so I pulled on some shorts, grabbed the Baker Creek catalog and sat on the swing and dreamed of next year's garden.

As I flipped through the pages, I dreamed of pole beans and summer squash, of red ripe tomatoes and abundant strawberries.  I envisioned apples on my 4 year old trees.  I dreamed of rich, brown soil free of weeds. 

And I dreamed of flowers.

When I place my order this year it won't only be for the veggies that will grace my plate.  It will also be for the flowers that I hope to grow, cut and have scattered around in bright bouquets inside my house.  Perhaps a small vase of flowers on my desk at work too.

I glance down at the little potted pansy that I keep protected from frost on my back porch. 

It's bright colors are such a contrast to the gray and brown winter world of my dormant backyard.  It's a promise of Spring that will bring me comfort during the dark days ahead.

Until I get my brightly colored seed packets in the mail that is. 

Then I can spread those out on the kitchen table and dream some more.


  1. You know, I have NO idea why I don't get myself some pansies, they'd do great here, especially with this mild pre-winter.

    I haven't received any seed catalogs...yet, but assume they are just waiting until Paul gets his paycheck.

  2. So as I wake up snowed in this morning, visions of seed catalogs dance in my head. :) I'm with Carolyn. The reason ours haven't arrived here is because they're waiting for hubby's Christmas bonus. :) OR wait...maybe its because they can't get to the mailbox... Looking forward to seeing your garden next year - full of color and life!

  3. What did you think of the pictures this year in the Baker Creek catalog? Their catalog is usually so beautiful but this year they took almost every picture on the light colored chipped paint wood which didn't show off the splendor of the plants at all and all I could think of was how they put all those beautiful vegetables on what was probably chipped lead paint. Ewww - it really runied it for me.