"Getting rid of everything that doesn’t matter allows you to remember who you are. Simplicity doesn’t change who you are, it brings you back to who you are."

Monday, December 3, 2012

Lipstick On A Pig

SM and I live in a wonderful 25 year old ranch home that, while built well, is in sad need of a little bit of updating.  Our 1980's decor master bath has been on the list of to-do's around here for over a year. 

Come in and look at all the gold finishes and feel a shiver run up your spine.  Oh Yeah...Break out the big hair, cheesy mustaches and "chica-a-bow-wow" music.


It's a time warp in there and not in a good way.  Time to get it together.  (You can see from the pic that I'm having difficulty settling on a wall color, can't you?  Green?  No.  How about the left over blue from the office?  No, too dark.)

SM and I have gone back and forth over whether we wanted to do a total gut job or take what we have and do our best to make it look better.  You know...The "lipstick on a pig" approach.

We live in a world that suggests a total gut job is the best way to go.  HGTV, the holy grail in home remodeling, will have you thinking that your home should not only have granite for your counter tops but also a toilet that, not only has a seat warmer, but it will rinse and wipe your bum for you. 

Perhaps that would be fun but I can still manage that task, Thank You Very Much!  And don't forget that everybody needs a steam shower and towel warmer don't they?

When did it happen that every house needed to look like a magazine cover?  Have the latest gadgets?  

It's sad to think that if I were to try to sell my house today, I'd no doubt hear all kinds of suggestions and "Tisk-tisks".  I'd be advised that the house won't sell "as is".  That I'd need to gut the house, put in hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances and stone everywhere. 

When faced with decisions like these, I always try to remind myself of who I am. 

I am simple. 

I am not rich. 

I live in a nice house and good enough is good enough.  If it's still functional, can I refurbish it and make it more appealing to the eye?

Yes I can.

Do you remember when good enough used to actually be good enough.  When did this change?  When were you considered somehow "less" if you didn't spend top dollar?

We upgraded our kitchen sink and faucet last month.  Spent $500.  I gave in to SM's desire for a nicer faucet, he gave in to my desire for a huge stainless steel sink. 

Thanksgiving day saw me washing the turkey pan and stock pots with ease.  It was a wonderful and smart investment.  I love it.  I can't tell you how much this simple improvement has made working in my kitchen easier.  This same kitchen though has vinyl floors, Formica counters and a mish mash of appliances that do not match.  But it looks nice and it functions well.  What more could a person ask for?

I have high hopes for the bathroom too.  Painting the cabinets and walls, keeping the acrylic molded double basin sinks but replacing the faucets.  New lights and hardware.  Jazz it up with a few accessories.

TaDa!  Guess what?  It's good enough! 

And THAT'S good enough for me!


  1. Good for you for being PRACTICAL versus following the herd. When we redid our house, I PUT IN vinyl flooring and formica countertops. The floors are so much warmer and easier on the back than stone. The countertops are so much more usable than granite. People comment on my choices all the time--so what. My kitchen WORKS....it's not for show. I don't have to worry about "ruining" my counters with this or that or worse yet, having to "treat it" with god knows what chemical concoctions. Gross!

    PS Hubby and I are both perfectionists--stainless is NOT stain-less--it would drive us insane constantly wiping fingerprints......

  2. I admit, I LOVE to watch HGTV at Mom's house. Mostly to gasp & gawk & wonder at the remodeling you talk about. I remember one remodel where they said they went a "little over budget". Instead of spending like $25K on the job they spend over $35K on it. Really?! I mean, who has thirty-five THOUSAND dollars to spend on a BATHROOM? And like you said, all Italian marble floors, granite countertops, bum-wiping toilets. I'm dumbfounded that 1) people make that much $$ that they don't see anything odd at spending 35K on a bathroom or that they are so fixated on keeping up with the Johnson's.

    As for the gold light fixtures in your bathroom, have you considered spray painting the metal and glass? I did that to our 80's look kitchen chandelier and I love it; and it only cost me like $12 in paint!


  3. Just wait and it will come back in style, we are already up to the 70's. We have fake brick on our kitchen, (which for cleaning reasons I am not fond of) and could just see the guy with the huge afro proudly putting it up on the walls. A year or so ago it was right back in style and I think has since gone back out. We were hip for a minute there!

  4. I agree, the world has gone nuts on remodel jobs. I like simple too, and wouldn't feel comfy living in a house like you see on HGTV. My cousin's house is like that, and I can't feel at ease there.

  5. We built our home five years ago .. vinyl was put in the kitchen and bathrooms (tile/stone is too cold and costly) .. and white kitchen appliances with stainless handles is enough stainless for me. I'm sure your bathroom remodel will be beautiful and won't break the bank .. how many of those people with the 'gut' jobs are still paying for them years later?

  6. Is the green original? I actually like it, then the light blue :) As far as fixtures and the like, I also cruised the Restore's for those. Be surprised what you will find in those places. And if you want to step it up a notch, get a bidet.

  7. I think you are suppose to put in your home what makes you feel comfortable and happy.Besides your home is reflection of you.

  8. I agree. I think remodeling has become a monster of its own. I'm sure the pros also recommend that you contract it all out! I think the concept of remodeling for potential buyers came in during the housing boom. Folks were flipping houses left and right and making fortunes. Of course they had to do a generic remodel. Sounds like you know what you want and that's the only thing that counts.

  9. I agree with you. I can't afford all those fancy things in my house. Not to mention I don't really care for some of them - such as the busy-ness of the granite counter tops. I haven't seen one that I like. I grew up with wood counter tops sealed with thick clear coats for protecting the wood. I still like the look today. I am for painting and refinishing oldie but goodies. Yes it is time to replace our old kitchen sink and faucet and going with the stainless steel sink too, I grew up with one. Any ways I live in my house, not someone else and I figure when and if we sell, it's all about the bones, someone else can change things to their taste.

    @ 3Beeze Homestead

  10. Great post - although I'm stuck on the heated toilet seat. Do they actually make those? What is the world coming to. Cripes. I want it life to go back to when good enough was good enough, thank you very much!