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Monday, December 17, 2012

My Cutting Garden

It's natural I suppose that after a grey, rainy weekend filled with enough sadness and introspection about how nutty the world has become...Well, my inner optimist needs to run away and dream a little dream. 

And I ain't dreaming of a White Christmas.  Nope, not really in the mood.  I'm dreaming of my future cutting garden.  Oh yeah.  Now THAT I can wrap my head around. 

Funny, how I don't call it a flower garden.  Technically that's what is, but the term "cutting garden" has just got stuck in my head so that's the terminology I'm sticking with.

I placed my order with Baker Creek last week and even though the seeds I purchased won't be in the ground for another 4 months, I'm already considering how I want this to go down.

Do I want to scatter the flowers around the entire garden mingling veggies with flowers?  Or do I want to dedicate one of the raised beds to nothing but flowers.  Do I want a willy-nilly everything goes kind of garden?  Or do I want a formal separation of church and state?

Some of these are bush flowers.  Others, like sunflowers can stand alone.  Some are tall, some short.  Mostly annuals (that will hopefully reseed) along with a few perennials.  Since we have such a long growing season here, I plan on direct sowing.  The bunnies are voracious around here though so I need to keep them protected within the garden area.  I might consider building another raised bed in a different part of the yard though... 

Yikes!  So much to consider.  I really need your input, then.  Those of you who have flower gardens speak up, please!

Lets consider what I purchased.

Baby's Breath
Button-box and Giant Zinnias

I already have Marigold seed from a few years ago.  (Marigold is a staple in my garden.)  And I have a few Hollyhocks growing beside the house.  They love it here so I know they're easy to grow.  I had started Sunflowers outside the garden one year and the freaking bunnies mowed them down.  Then I grew a few in the garden, easy peasy.

So suggestions?  Any issues with watering?  Veggie compatibility?  I'm leaning towards keeping the veggies and flowers separated.  Easier to pull spent plants and start new ones.

What chya'll think?  @;)


  1. Snapdragons!!! I didn't see any snapdragons in there. That's my sole contribution as I haven't planted flowers in years now...the fruit & veggies have taken over. But I like your idea of a cutting garden, why not bring some of that wonderful color & scents indoors where you can enjoy it :)

  2. Make a forest garden and grow your veggie and flowers together :)

  3. I usually start out with a plan but I have an artistic thought process and believe in the art growing and changing with a mind of its own as it comes to life. So with that said and looking at most things as some form of art-I say start with something in mind and let it become what it is supposed to...

    @ 3Beeze Homestead

  4. I like to mix 'em in! That way I can stop and smell the Baby's Breath while I'm gardening. =) This is my absolute favorite companion planting guide: