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Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Sunshine Plan

There's a reason why I don't like to take time off around Christmas.  The days are short, the weather unpredictable and while I do try to find projects to complete around the house...Well, there's only so much cleaning and organizing a girl wants to do.

Let's face it.  I'm about as much of a slug as the next person.  I've taken more naps, dicked around on the computer and watched more TV than is healthy for a human being.

So I was pleased as punch to see an actually sunny day after all the wind, rain and general "grayness" we've had this past week.

Anyway, SM and I were driving around running errands and I'm admiring the bright blue winter sky as we go up and down some of the rolling hills we have here in the Piedmont.

"You know, I knew it immediately."  I told SM. 

"Knew what?"  SM asked.

"That this was home."  I replied.  "I never felt this way about Virginia Beach."  (We'd lived there for 4 years right after we'd gotten married.)

"I didn't mind Virginia Beach."  SM replied. 

"Never felt right to me.  Not like Ohio, either."  I pointed out.

"So we're never moving back?"  SM asked.

"I don't think so.  Been there done that.  This is home."  I said.  "You realize that next Summer (2013) makes our 15th year here?  We're practically natives!"

SM laughs.  "I don't think anyone would consider us natives.  What about the twang?"  He asked.

"Well, we've been absorbed into the culture at the very least and Hey...I can twang with the best of them!"  I said proudly.

"So no heading back to Ohio, huh?  Were else could you see us living?"  SM inquires.

"I could see us in Texas for sure.  Maybe the Austin area.  And do you remember when we stopped in Grand Junction Colorado?  That had the "It" factor for sure."   I paused remembering. 

"Of course if we really become allergic to the cold, we might try New Mexico or Arizona.  But yeah, I think I've got to have the blue skies from here on out.  I'm on the Sunshine plan."  I grin at SM.

"And I suppose having 50 degrees during the middle of Winter isn't the worst way to survive the dark days."  I point out.

"Well, you do know that this past week was the worst of it don't you?"  SM asks.  "We're starting to gain daylight from here on out."

When we got home, SM pulled up the sunrise/sunset times on the computer and showed me that we've started to gain 2 minutes of sunshine everyday.

Whoo Hoo!  A whole 2 minutes! 

But I'll take it!  2+2=4 and before you know it we're back in the light. 


  1. This is the reason we like Yuma Az.
    The SUN shines 356 days year.

  2. And ditto for living in this country. At the moment we're suffering through a heat wave that has seen the temp hover between 36 - 46oC. Gimme cold - gimme, gimme...

  3. The only problem I have ran across being here in Texas is having to drink alot of fluids.The heat is a killer,still after 5 years.And very dry with no humidity but if you like that,it's great.Colorado is beautiful but oh so expensive to live there.Just a few thoughts here.

  4. Usually, December is fairly sunless in our area. (Dirty trick right between the holidays, don't cha think. Also really baaaad for those with solar power!) Come January, we get colder weather but more sunshine. Summer and winter, we get blue skies on sunny days that we call "Minnesota Blue." I agree with you, those blue skies and sunshine can't be beat!