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Friday, December 7, 2012

Southern Weather, Sudden Options

This morning I walked out in my bare feet to take some trash out. 

I walked across the front yard feeling the coolness of the earth, the roughness of the grass and the damp.  I hoped I wouldn't step on a stray slug or random patch of dog poo.  Both were distinct possibilities.

Looking up, it's cloudy.  No stars at all but just a hint of moisture in the air.  We've been so dry here that any moisture is welcome. 

I wondered when was the last time I walked barefoot in the grass.  This is usually the time of year for socks at the very least and I'm sure I'll be sliding some on once I get back in the house.

Maybe it's because my feet were in contact with the earth but my thoughts turn to the garden and the yard.  There's lots to be done around here and with the weather so mild I start to consider my options.  (Have I mentioned lately how much I love living in the South?)

There's weeding to be done, but I'd really like to not have to yank weeds out of concrete so maybe that task can wait.  I need to expand the backyard "natural" area and lay some pine bark  mulch down.  Plus the garden really needs some good compost tossed in.  Need to consider fencing/trellis options as I'd like to grow more vertical too.  Any and all of these tasks can be done now with the weather as mild as it is.  I'm lucky that I don't have to wait until March or April to start working the ground like some of Ya'll.

I'm considering these options because for the first time EVER, I have a week off between Christmas and New Years.  (Well, I do have to work on Dec 28th but big whoop.) 

With both holidays falling on a Monday and Tuesday, that makes for an extended weekend of time off for a lot of folks.  My company has also notified us (last minute) that they are capping the amount of PTO hours that we can roll over into the new year.  (Don't you just love how companies make decisions like that with less than 30 days to accomplish them in?  Sounds like the government...(snicker)) 

So half of us have to take some time off between now and Dec 31st and the other half gets stuck at work.  Ha.

Anyhow, I said to SM the other day that I've essentially got 2 weeks off at the end of the year.  SM's business slows down during the holidays too.

"So I was thinking.  Do you want to get away?  Spend Christmas on a trip somewhere?"  My voice pitching higher in skepticism.

"Where would we go?"  SM tosses back at me. 

"I don't know.  DC.  We could go to the Smithsonian.  We haven't been there in 20 years and we could drive there instead of fly."  I offered. 

"Or how about Disney?"  I said warming to the idea.  "We've never been to Disney during the holidays.  That could be kinda cool with the lights and the excitement of the kids."

SM shrugged unconvinced.  SM is a pretty traditional guy.  He likes holidays at home.  It's all about Christmas Mass at midnight and Christmas music on the radio.  Eggnog with rum and good food to eat.

Me?  I could spend Christmas in Hawaii with my toes in the sand and be perfectly happy.  So I hopped online and researched things a bit more. 

No surprise but we've talked ourselves out of Disney.  I've read that Christmas time is their busiest season with long lines and huge crowds.  Plus the expense!  Geez.  $100 just to walk in the door for a day?  I don't know how families do it.

So maybe DC.  Depends on the weather. 

But our fallback option is still pretty nice.   Staycation in my own backyard.  60 degrees and dry with lots of sunshine?  In December? 

There are worse ways to spend some time off.


  1. So glad you're getting some time off. Enjoy it, whatever you decide to do!

  2. Just having the time off will be a treat. I have to say DC would be tempting though. I love the Smithsonian.