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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sucked In

Last week I worked up a really nice patient (lets call him Danny) and his wife.  Danny is a good ole country boy, respectful and sharp, dressed in camo, his wife is equally sweet, with both of them "Yes, Ma'm-ing" me. 

(I guess I've reached the age that being "Ma'm-ed" doesn't bother me so much anymore @;) 

Danny and his wife own a gun and hunting shop out a-ways from Charlotte.

Anyway, I saw them again after Dr. M had finished them up and they were all standing out in the hallway talking about The Robertson's and West Monroe, LA.  (Huh?)

Dr.  M was thrilled to find out that Danny was from West Monroe and actually knew the Robertson's. 

She pulled me over..."They know the Robertson's!"  She said to me, thrilled, a great big smile on her face.

"Who?" I'm asking, confused.

"Haven't you ever seen Duck Dynasty?"  Dr. M asked me.  She's pulling out her cell phone.

"What?"  I ask.

"Nice family."  Danny says.  "They really are just like you see them on the show."

Dr. M is flipping through her phone.  "Here."  She says to me, handing me her cellphone. 

"That's Uncle Si from the Christmas Special they just aired."  She points at her phone.  "I just love this picture."

(Holy Shit...I thought)

"You've got to watch this show.  It's on A&E.  I know your sense of humor."  Dr. M points out.  "You'll love it."

I'll admit I was intrigued, so I set the DVR to tape the shows.  It took me a few episodes to "get it" but these boys had me laughing in no time. 

SM wanders in.  "Whatcha watching?"  He asks.

"This is the show Dr. M recommended."  I told him.  SM has since been sucked in, too.  Last night we watched an episode that had him laughing so hard I thought he was going to pass out.

Is it staged?  Sure it is.  Heck everything is these days.  But Duck Dynasty has it's own special charm.  SM and I grew up with folks who would fit right in with this clan.

Give it a spin if you've never seen it.  It's a two thumbs up from us here at 500 Dollar Tomato.


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  4. I couldn't find the comment section to your latest post .. well, I think since social media (FB and Twitter) took off, it leaves less creative juices to make a blog post. I've cut way down.

  5. I also wanted to comment on your Friday post "There is a Season". But there is no link to leave a comment. I was going to try the email, but I see someone else already has.
    Anyway, I love the new look. I just did the same thing to my blog. I would like to darken the font color though, and can't seem to do it.
    Glad you are going to keep blogging. I enjoy reading your posts.

    Happy New Year.