"Getting rid of everything that doesn’t matter allows you to remember who you are. Simplicity doesn’t change who you are, it brings you back to who you are."

Monday, January 7, 2013

Becoming The Crazy Old Lady

When I was younger, I would often meet (or God forbid...WORK with) the "Crazy Old Lady." 

You know the ones.

They're usually over 50.  They wear really, REALLY bright colored clothes, big earrings and jewelry.  They'll dye their hair to cover the gray, usually out of a box, that ends up giving their hair a soft orange glow.  But I've also seen the occasional bluish, purple effect too. 

And the make-up!  Foundation caked in their wrinkles, splotches of blush on their cheeks and the penciled in eyebrows.  Lipstick in a color that is better suited for a circus clown than for a mature woman.

Last week one of my Dr.'s brought in her 6 year old daughter.  What a cutie!  Smart and the spitting image of her Mom, she was dressed in the CUTEST little knitted sweater vest with bright colors and shapes and puff balls dangling from it.

"Oh...I love it!  Why can't they make cute stuff like that for adults?"  I say to my boss.  "And she has those cute little light up sneakers!  I would love a pair of those but they don't make them in a size eleven." 

I point down at my aqua colored Nike's (with the bright acid green Nike check mark, I might add) that just so happens to match my bright aqua colored scrubs that I'm wearing.

I glance up at my boss.  "Uh, Oh...I'm becoming the crazy old lady aren't I?"

Dr. M smiled at me and said..."We've always known you were crazy, Tami."

She pats me on the shoulder.  "Now you're just starting to dress the part."  She says with a grin as she walks away.


  1. Love it! I don't mind the bright colors (hey, we all need a little more flash and pizzaz in our lives!) but what makes my eyes hurt and innards cringe are the gals over 50 (over 40?) who are still wearing their hair parted in the middle and hanging straight (and stringy) halfway down their back. (A style they first adopted when entering the seventh grade.) And if it's gray . . . well, don't they know that screams Halloween witch? (Geesh, I hope I haven't opened my mouth and offended anyone. Gulp.)

  2. LOLOL. The key is to be old enough to not care!

  3. Hilarious Tami :)

    I can see some traits that all us ladies can identify :) I have to admit owning a pair of silver trainers with diamante decoration.... oh my goodness and I dye my greying hair from a packet too. I find necklaces too heavy though:)

  4. You're not old until your hair takes on a bluish tinge from using laundry bluing to whiten the gray. 8~)