Thursday, January 17, 2013


Boy, is it wet out there. 

Gray, misty fog suddenly turns into a spitting shower that fades away only to turn into a downpour a few minutes later.  How do I know this?  I've taken my cabin fevered dogs out for a mile each morning.

And gotten caught each day in a sudden downpour.  You'd think I'd just not go wouldn't you?  

Unfortunately, I'm a sucker for 3 pairs of watery brown eyes that stare up at me, begging me to take them for a walk.  Now these same dogs will put their brakes on if I open the back down and tell them to go outside and "Go potty" but if I put their leashes and collars on, it's game on.  As long as I get dragged outside with them, they're perfectly happy getting wet.

This is the 4th day of constant, drippy weather.  It can't help but effect a persons mood.  I've been feeling like a drip.  Disinterested, tired yet twitchy.  I can't really settle down.

The only thing keeping me sane right now is work.  Having to head into the cement jungle each day is a nice distraction when it's too crappy to do anything here at the house. 

But this storm is slowly heading out tonight and they're predicting  1-3 inches of snow overnight.  It won't last long tomorrow.  It never does.  But I can tell you one thing.  If it snows, I'm not going to want to go into work tomorrow. 

Not because of the hassle of driving with a bunch of crazy Southerners who don't know how to drive in the white stuff.  Nope.

I won't want to go into work because I'll want to stay at home a play.  Mama wants a snow day!  Whoo Hoo!

Keep your fingers crossed...


  1. Well, I'll keep my fingers crossed for snow for, not so much :)

  2. Hope you get your snow day! It was -4F here this morning . . . probably too cold to snow. But at least we're not getting wet when going outside! :o)

  3. We are getting snow today,light snow in big tissue paper flakes.
    Someone told me we are expecting 8.5" though..

  4. Hope you get a snow day - I love them, myself. And we get LOTS.

  5. Good luck on the snow day! I love snow days.