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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Robo Call Revenge

SM's business cell phone gets a lot of telemarketing sales calls and "robo calls." 

Most people ignore these kinds of aggravating calls, but lately SM has been getting the last laugh.  He came home the other day practically splitting a gut.

He told me he was heading for home when his phone rang.  He went ahead and answered and discovered it was this insurance company that has been calling him everyday for a few weeks now.  Fed up, SM went ahead and punched the appropriate numbers and got a live human being on the phone.

SM tells me how he affected a real s l o w southern drawl and starts playing with the guy.  Actually "playing" is too nice of a term. 

He dicked around with him.

Seems the guy was selling dental insurance but would also sell you some for hearing aids and eyeglasses.

SM wove a masterful tale of "I got me 5 young-uns" with half of them having bad teeth and the other half being "squinty eyed."  SM himself admitted to needing a hearing aid and quizzed the guy about "how much is one of them hearing aids?"

After a solid 10 minutes of this SM couldn't take it anymore and started laughing and (using his normal voice) told the guy "Dude...I'm just dicking with you!"

"What?!?" said the fellow on the phone.

SM repeated himself, laughing harder... "Dude.  It's all fake!  I've been f-ing with you."

"You're an asshole!!!"  The guy on the phone said and hung up.

SM had me laughing after telling me all this.  "You may be an asshole but you got the last laugh."  I pointed out.  "I bet you don't get anymore calls from them."

SM hasn't stopped smiling for the past few days. 

Telemarketers beware.  SM's got your number now.  But Tom Mabe's the master.)


  1. I say good for SM! Those super-annoying phone calls give all of us so much harassment I'm glad to see the tables turned for once!