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Sunday, January 13, 2013


We interrupt this Soup Sunday for a very important message!

We are having a freakin beautiful weekend here in North Carolina.  75 glorious degrees with partly sunny skies.

Yes, I'm rubbing your nose in it!  Ha!  Take that! 

We had pretty foggy weather in the early hours, so I did my usual grocery shopping, laundry and cleaning the house while SM headed out on some business. 

Around 11 the skies cleared and when I went out to toss some trash I was hit with a sweet, warm breeze!   I immediately went in the house and opened all the windows and the back door so the pups could run in and out. 

Hallelujah!  Fresh air!!!! 

Then baths for those dirty dogs.  Wet towels all over the place along with wet floors so I decided I might as well clean the carpets too.  As I was doing that, the dogs went ballistic at the front door.  I peeked out the side window and said very loudly..."No Thanks!" to the folks on the other side just waiting for an opportunity to testify to a sinner like me.

You know it's Spring (or at least a warm day) when the church people come out to preach. 

Religion is a pretty big deal down here.  It's loud and public and in your face which just doesn't set right with a Yankee like me.  My exposure to religion was very traditional with Sunday School classes and then services.  I just wasn't raised to go out and "testify" so I had a learning curve to adjust to when we moved here. 

Our neighborhood is a magnet for the church folk.  Jehovah's Witness, a Baptist group and some other church routinely descend on our streets every Saturday.  Seriously.  Every Saturday, when the weather is nice, someone is knocking on our door.

In the past, if someone knocked on my door, I would answer it.  It just seemed rude not to.  But I learned after getting cornered one time by a very nice group of ladies that you open your own front door at own peril. 

SM and I were working in the front of the house and had the garage door open.  The church folk pull up in minivans and take to the streets.  Men with boys and the ladies with the girls.  A group of ladies pulled right up to our house and I naturally went out to meet them.  SM kept working in the garage.  

The ladies and I had a nice pleasant one way conversation with them preaching and me nodding my head.  20 minutes later I came back into the house with my hands full of pamphlets, my eyes wide.

SM stood there laughing at my expression.  He stopped laughing though after these same ladies proceeded to knock on our door for the next month wanting to talk to me.  "They've got your number." SM told me. 

I pretty much stopped answering the front door after that.  SM does it now.  We keep our front door and the garage door shut on Saturdays.  We've learned that Sundays are good days to work in the front yard.

When SM does open the door these days it's usually a sales call.  We had one late yesterday afternoon.  The doorbell rings and SM went to answer it while I herd the dogs outside with the promise of snackies.  I went back in to see if SM needed saving and there he is scribbling on a piece of paper.

"Whatcha buying, Baby?"  I ask, concerned.

"Girl Scout cookies."  He replies, head down intent on his purchase.

"Take it easy."  I advise, knowing food is SM's kryptonite. 

In the end he only bought 3 boxes. 

Praise the Lord!


  1. We got the door-knocking-jesus-pushers here too. One set who will annoy, I mean, visit me, on an almost regular basis, and usually when I'm outside trying to accomplish something (like shoveling goat crap. funny how they never ask to help with stuff like that.). But now, we have THE gate!!
    I wonder if they'll just think it's for everyone ELSE. I'd put a sign at the gate that says "Girl Scouts Welcome", but they never manage to venture this far out. Good for my waistline, not so good for my Samoas cravings.

  2. Have those here too. We open up the back part of the house and stay to the back yard and side yard of our house. I hate it when people come soliciting. If I wanted what they are selling I would already have it via seeking it out myself not having them push it in my face. They won't shut up either. If you let them start talking you have to shut the door to shut them up. Rude!! Since when is it ok for them stalk you to the point of hiding away in the back of the house and only working out front of the house on safe days. Really!!

  3. If I'm home alone, I tend to get a teeny-tiny rude to uninvited religious groups who come knocking. If hubby is home, he gets a wickedly gleeful kick out of talking with them (he can keep up with the best of 'em) and sending them off wondering what just happened!