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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Shoulder Season

Yesterday, I posted about trying to hold myself back as far as seed starting went.  But this morning when I read the comment section I saw this...

I can't wait any longer! Like you, I had huge transplants last spring. But I use lunar calendar which means Feb 20,21,22nd are great seed starting dates and the next ones won't be until end of March. So I'm going for it. Plus, the snow has slowed down all the outside work so into the greenhouse I go! Stevie@ruffledfeathersandspilledmilk.com
Aw Man....

Gosh, I didn't know that!!!!

I like to try to garden with the moon too.  Try being the operative word here.  Sometimes it just ain't happening mostly for weather reasons.  And sometimes just because I'm not around to do the work.

i.e. Lazy

So I've convinced myself that there's a bit of a shoulder season with following the moon calendar.  I figure if I'm within 24 hours of the actual days, I'm good to go.

But still.  February for starting my seeds?  Maybe there's another option.

So I whipped out my handy moon calendar that I get (for free!) every year from our hometown pharmacy and saw that indeed Feb 21st and 22nd fall under the primo sign of Cancer, "The Most Productive" sign. 


But I knew that there are other signs that can be good too.  I saw that March 1st and 2nd (A Saturday!!!) fall under Scorpio which is "Very Productive" and "Good For All Planting."

Well, alrighty then.  Seems silly to think that 8 days is gonna make or break my transplant weekend in May (4th and 5th fall under Pisces "Good For All Plants") but I tell you, beating back those monsters just to get into my kitchen a few years ago was a scary thing. 

Plus I figured anyone looking in my window might think I'm growing the gan-ja, if you know what I mean.

So March 2nd it is! 

I've got me a HOT date with some seeds and starting mix!

Thanks Stevie for the reminder!  I hadn't really thought of it until you mentioned it!


  1. Yes, yes, yes. Need to start seeds soon. Like now. When I get around to it. When I get my sorry bum off the computer.

  2. It might make you feel better to know I tried the gardening by the moon in 2011, and it was the worst garden year I ever had! I really stuck to the schedules, too. From seed to harvest. Needless to say, I reverted back to my "plant when it just feels right to do so" way, which always seems to work out the best for me.