February has always been a tough month for me to get through. 

They might as well have called it Feb-blah-wary.  It's a tweener month to me.  Just some afterthought of winter but (hopefully) a bridge month to Spring. 

At least around here.  (I expect some of ya'll might not dig out from under the snow until May.) 

Here in the South, I can be looking at planting onion sets over the next few weeks.  Once March hits, I'll be able to put up the hoop house and get some lettuce, peas and carrots going outside.  And inside I'll get my tomatoes and peppers seeds going. 

But that's in March and when you're up at 5 am sitting in the cold darkness of a Winter morning, March seems like it's a l o n g ways off.

So I plod on through my days looking for some kind of excitement in my life to share with you through this blog.  It's so boring around here, I've been tempted to take a break from posting. 

But that just doesn't set right with me.  Life is not a continuous circle of excitement, is it?  There are times of just "being" if you get my drift.

There's nothing to post about.  Really.  What a snoozefest it's been around here.

SM and I have been hard at work at our respective occupations.  February is the month I always get twitchy at work and start looking for another job.  Why? Who knows?  I'm just bored I guess.  I couldn't tell you why I'm bored.  They've got me working such long days and even some weekends.  When I do get home, I'm butt tired.  Do you know what butt tired is?  Butt tired when you're so tired all you can do is just sit on your butt and stare into space.

What a bore!!!

SM is tired too.  Although he's flat on your back tired. 

Last night I woke up with him walking in the door at 11:30, tired to the bone and hungry.  I discouraged the food (at that hour) plopped him in front of the TV till he was nodding and then tucked my poor boy into bed and snuggled in after him.

So this is what our days have been like lately. 

How about you? 

Care to whine a bit?

Go ahead!  I can take it! 

You're telling me how boring YOUR life is, is likely to be the highlight of my day!

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