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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Why So Cranky Puddin Pop?

I've been in a bit of a cranky mood lately. 

Dirty house, overloaded schedule at work, crazy people trying to kill me driving to and from...

I've really had enough.

And now this.

The other morning at 5 am, I'm out walking the dogs and a guy on a bike zing's by us, scaring the crap out of me.  He then proceeds to zing by me twice more with me finally yelling at him "This isn't funny.  I can't see you until you go rushing by.  It's dangerous!"  Seriously.  He's fast.  No lights.  No nothing.

(Our neighborhood is out in the country and was built when sidewalks weren't mandatory so we don't have them.  Everyone walks in the streets.  I wear a flashlight attached to my wrist, but the dogs don't have anything on.)

So now I'm pissed off and slightly sad that once again I have to deal with idiots impacting my life.  But now I have to deal with them at 5am.

"It's nuts!"  I tell SM later.  "What part of riding your bike at 5 am in the dark makes sense?  I just want to strangle him...Freakin bikers!" 

"The ice is breaking.  Spring is here.  People are acting crazy."  SM shrugs me off.

Knowing that the only behavior I can ultimately control is my own, I decide to get up earlier and walk a slightly different route.  It works.  The only time I see the guy is when I'm almost home.  As he goes zipping by he calls out "Hello!" in an overly cheerful voice. 

"Goodbye" I toss out at him equally cheery.  And then, cause I can't help myself, I toss out "Dumb-ass!" just in case he's in any doubt about my feelings on the subject.


Every Spring someone does this.  A few years ago someone came zinging around the corner on a bike (in the dark) and went between me and Scooter, riding over his leash.  I let go of the leash and Scooter was fine.  The biker slowed down briefly, but then zipped off.  No apology.  No nothing.  If he'd have hit me or the dog, not only would we have been hurt, but so would he.

Eventually he stopped riding in the dark.

I get the feeling this guy is older and likely to be more stubborn.



  1. Once is an "Oops, my bad, I'm sorry"....but doing it on purpose is just inconsiderate and rude.

  2. Carry a stick next time and ram it through the spokes. A front flip will fix that.
    And yes, everyone is cranky here too, even the boy.

  3. One kind of expects to be left alone, or at least not messed with, at 5 a.m.. I am a generally peaceful person, but don't mess with me at that hour! Or my dog, either.